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Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is a cosmetic procedure that involves repeatedly puncturing the skin with tiny, sterile needles. 

Microneedling Results in Columbus Central Ohio Finding a Provider

When I first started getting curious about microneedling, the words “puncture” and “sterile” were at the front of my mind.  Doesn’t that make you feel like you should be seeing a professional?  Me too.  And so began my selection process for a provider.  I turned to Google to find “microneedling in Columbus, Ohio” and found a number of local providers.  I visited their websites and reviewed listed credentials, convenience of consultations, and pricing. (many of the providers I found didn’t list pricing on their websites.)

Selecting a few providers I was interested in pursuing, I turned to Yelp and other review websites to find real customer reviews.  At this time, I discovered Real Self.  (Be careful.  It’s addictive)

I narrowed my selection down to 3.  My top 3 all offered free consultations and they all seemed to look legit.

Microneedling in Columbus, Ohio Finding a Provider


September 2016 – CAPS was intimidating.  They do major plastic surgery and all I wanted to do was a little bitty skin treatment.  Would they even care about a customer like me?  At the consultation we reviewed pricing for microneedling while I was dermaplaned for the first time.  (I didn’t know anything about dermaplaning and was shocked to realize my face has been shaved.)  I ended up booking my treatment for a much later date so I could save up some money.  Cause it was gonna be expensive!!!


November 2016 – I was browsing Groupon and found a microneedling special.  It was MUCH less expensive than the previous medi spa I had visited so I schedule a consultation.  I felt comfortable with the provider during my appointment and was shocked to find out that she had been microneedling earlier that day.  I couldn’t even tell!  I was treated a few days later but the healing process took longer than my provider lead me to believe.  I had purchased a 3-treatment package and ended up having to file a dispute with Groupon because Elite Body & Laser kept cancelling my appointments.  I was cancelled on 3 times which was very frustrating.  Groupon tried to help me schedule another appointment and when that didn’t work they credited my account for the unused treatments.


April 2017 –  After the back-and-forth of being scheduled, cancelled, scheduled, cancelled,….. I was losing hope.  The results from my first treatment were non-existent but maybe more treatments would be needed to see results.  I found really good reviews about Juvly on Yelp and a few on Real Self and was thrilled that their pricing was listed on their website and they had two Columbus, Ohio locations (more providers, less likely to have cancellations).

This consultation was unlike the consultations I had previously.  The provider, Danielle, asked me about my concerns, my goals, talked to me about the medical aspects of the procedure and made recommendations based on listening to my concerns.  She made me feel confident in her abilities to help me achieve my goals and I couldn’t wait to schedule treatments!

I have been a loyal customer ever since!

Here’s a little collection of photos from my first microneedling treatment at Juvly Aesthetics.

Microneedling Results in Columbus Central Ohio Finding a Provider


There are a ton of options here in Columbus.  Things that didn’t work for me might be perfect for you!  I am sharing my experience with you to help you explore your options.  Venture out into the world and take advantage of free consultations!  The more you know going into the free consultations, the more equipped you are to make decisions based on knowledge, not emotions tied to sales pitches or Groupon deals.

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