3 Subtle Ways To Display Artwork In The Home

Art should never be in your face, at least in the home. Why? Well you’re the one that has to look at it every single day. So it can’t be, how should we say, intruding. Art in the home should be there to be noticed, not seen. This sounds a little odd but once you get the feel for displaying your art in a subtle manner, it will stand a higher chance of being accepted into your home. Many people place art in their homes and then within weeks or months, throw it out again. This is because the way they placed the art was for it to be noticed by guests. But as we said, it becomes too much of an intrusion into normal everyday life. So here is how to do it right.


Create Shelves in a Corner

One way to display art in your home is to put small shelves into corners of rooms. Using some very strong nuts and bolts you should be able to make shelves that can withstand a decent load of pressure. So if you want to host a stone bust of someone, your corner shelves should be able to take the weight. Why in the corner? For one thing they can bring life to a dead corner. Dead corners are so common in our homes. Corners are not something we think about as playing a role in our homes, until we see they are lifeless, dark and cold. Adding some art to the corners not only leaves more open living space, but means there is something to look at in every corner of the room.  

In The Garden

They say, art in the home is useless if it cannot be interacted with. To a large extent this sentiment is true. After all, our homes are not supposed to be art galleries. they’re for living! So when you want artwork in the home, think about maybe putting it outside the home in your garden. Here is where you can have amazing life size artwork such as statues of great people. It’s not uncommon for grand homes to have statues of great thinkers, politicians, generals and poets, etc, placed in their gardens. This is why you can see some grand English country estates with Roman and Greek statues of Gods, emperors and philosophers. 

A Table For Art

The walls and your gardens aren’t the only places where art should go, it should also be on the surfaces of your living spaces such as side tables. Side tables offer a great blank canvas to explore your style on. Here is where you can have heavier items such as metal art, lights and figures that really charge the atmosphere of a room. 

Displaying artwork in a subtle manner is not boastful and not recluse. You are making it a part of your home rather than an outlandish attraction merely there to impress. 

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