3 Things That Are Letting Your Home Decor Down

There are people out there who would kill to have a house like yours. You don’t realize how fortunate you are to own property, so you better start looking after it. It’s time to spruce up your home and make it look lovely and presentable. Take a look at the interior design and figure out how you can make your home look as gorgeous as possible. 

Before you do this, it’s worth noting that some elements of your home are letting the home decor down. By identifying them, you can focus on these elements before doing anything else. In turn, you’ll end up with a stunning house that’s decorated wonderfully. 

What’s letting you down? Take a look…

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Color Clashes

Too many of you are guilty of color clashes in the home. Some colors don’t work well with one another, and you need to avoid them at all costs. If you look online, there are loads of great resources to help you figure out which colors match well together. Here, you can choose a selection of colors to use in the rooms throughout your home. Each room is its own being, so you don’t have to worry about colors matching or clashing in your living room and bedroom. Just be sure that the colors you use in those specific rooms match each other. 

One other thing to note about this is the quantity of color you use. Typically, you should fill the room with 60% of your main color, 30% of a secondary color, and the remaining 10% is for accessory colors. Another way that people end up with color clashes is when they get the ratio wrong. Two colors may work well together when one is used to accent the other. But, if you have too much of both of them then they could clash. 

Physical Damages

Mostly, you will have some type of physical damage present in your home. This can be blatant in the form of holes in the walls, or it can be more subtle like chipped paint or blemishes. Regardless, this can let your whole home decor down! It doesn’t matter how nice you make your house look; if you don’t deal with the physical damages then you’re just glossing over the real problems. It’s almost like if your car engine stopped working and you decided to get a new paint job for it. What’s the point? You’ve not addressed the main issues first! 

Keeping that in mind, do an inspection of your home to spot any physical or structural issues. Pay careful attention to the walls and ceilings as these places tend to harbor cracks, dents, and holes. If you do spot any issues, then it’s worth hiring a company like The Patch Boys to fill in the holes or fix your roof. You don’t want to attempt any big repairs yourself as you risk injuring yourself or – more likely – causing further damage to your home. For minor physical issues, such as chipped paint, you can take care of them yourself. Now, you’ve restored your home and got rid of any damages that could harm your home decor. 

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No Themes

Your home decor needs to follow some sort of theme. This doesn’t mean that you need to style it in a crazy way that replicates a very niche trend. A lot of people get confused when interior design themes are discussed as they assume we’re talking about things like a jungle theme or an East Asian theme. In reality, we’re looking at things like a contemporary theme, art deco, rustic, etc. 

The problem with not choosing a theme is that you end up mixing and matching elements of different themes in your home. For example, you have a modern sofa that sits in a living room with very traditional and old-fashioned wallpaper and carpets. It’s a complete juxtaposition that just doesn’t work. You end up making things stick out for all the wrong reasons. With a theme, you bring your home decor together and make everything feel more balanced. Unlike your colors, the theme should remain mainly consistent throughout the home. It feels a bit strange if you have one room in one theme and another in the complete opposite. The only exception is the bedroom where you can pretty much play around with the design however you like. 

The bottom line is that you can’t let these things diminish your home decor any longer. Sort them out as you seek to improve your home and make it look as beautiful as possible. 

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