4 Essential Things To Do During Your Move

Moving from one home to another requires detailed preparation as planning alone can take several weeks at best. This is not forgetting the stress, excitement and anxiety that come with the move. Normally, you may not know where to start or end apart from packing your stuff and loading it into a vehicle during your first move. However, the small details can make your first time move a complete nightmare or a total success.

Here are essential things you must do to make your transition a seamless one.

Transfer the Utilities

You should spend the days or weeks leading to your move scheduling for utility setup such as water, electricity and gas into your new residence, among other essential things. Let a reputable service provider do this job, preferably one who can also connect your cable and internet service too.

The professional should also be able to access any dangers like leaks in the basement that favor the growth of mold and determine if you need the services of a Water Damage Company or not.

The earlier you notify a utility service provider, the faster they can detect such problems before your actual move.

Take Measurements of the Home

Once you find a suitable residence, the interior measurements matter the most as they determine how much of your belongings can fit there. You also get a picture of which items will go where so that directing the movers is easy.

When taking the house measurements, be aware of any dangerous hazards such as asbestos, or lead and paint, left exposed during repairs, especially if the home is older.

Consider the measurements you obtain a blueprint to your new home.

Get a Reputable Moving Company

Moving is a process that you can’t risk leaving in less than capable hands. These are the people who handle the loading, offloading, and arrangement of your belongings into your new home, and, therefore, you must be able to trust them.

Look for a licensed, insured, and trustworthy companies listed on the bureau’s directory or the FMCSA’s system and proceed to check reviews left on their website to determine the best fit.  Hiring a full service moving company is the best way to ensure your move goes to plan.

Settle on a Move Date

Ideally, a move date should come as the first item on your mind. However, in between transferring utilities, taking measurements, and finding a company, you may not have enough energy left to debate on a perfect date.

The best time to plan a move is during the offseason when it’s less expensive, like between October and April, as rates are lower. 

Your ideal move should also take place midweek or mid-month to avoid competition for moving track.

Update Your Address

Once you settle in, remember to update your address so that mail or other goods or services can get to your current location. Forward your current email address to the USPS website or follow these simple steps to get your address live instantly.


The first move is always the most complicated as you never know what to expect. However, if you follow the above tips, your move will be near perfect, save for a few things that may be out of your control.

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