4 Home Repairs You Should Not Ignore

Remember the phrase ‘A stitch in time saves nine’? Well it certainly holds true when it comes to some home repairs. Maintaining a home is not a piece of cake, but with regular checks and prompt action, you can prevent both, long-term damage and increasing repair costs. 

Here are four home repairs you must regularly be on top of – and repair – to get the best out of your home (and least out of your pocket!).


A leaking roof or wall or pipe can seem small, but every drop that leaks adds to a bigger problem. Hidden leaks are even more dangerous because they can cause serious damage even before the problem has been noticed. Leaks and leaking pipes are not only an inconvenience but can also be potentially dangerous. It can lead to structural damage (while also scarring the aesthetic beauty) as the moisture on the walls could peel off the paint, corrode metal and rot wood. 

Mold and mildew might also start to spread due to the damp walls. Apart from damaging your property, mold and mildew also pose as a health hazard causing respiratory problems in some people.  

And last but not the least, your water bills will sky rocket because you are paying for wasted water. 

Poor Sink Drainage

A kitchen or bathroom sink with poor drainage leads to water clogging, staining and stinky drains and sinks – unpleasant to look at and unhealthy to wash your hands or dishes in! A slow and sluggish sink drain is a common household problem, and must not be ignored for the above reasons.

If you notice poor or slow drainage, make sure you clear out the drains immediately. Food particles often clog up the pipes in kitchen sinks, whereas accumulated hair and other debris collects in bathroom drains. You can also clean with a dissolving agent or drain cleaner available in stores. Sometimes, using a plunger also helps.

Make sewer and drain cleaning a regular process; and if you find water collecting in your sink, attend to the problem as soon as possible.

Broken Roofs

The roof of a house, although unseen and often unchecked (especially when buying a home) is far more important than you would think. It is, afterall, akin to the overall protector of your home, shielding it from wind, rain and adverse weather conditions. Therefore it is essential to keep your roof intact and strong, and attend to a broken roof at the earliest. 

Aging roofs can sometimes start a leak in the attic, which might not be noticed for weeks till someone goes into the attic. Old roofs also cause poor ventilation leading to condensation which eventually leads to dampness and mold. 

  1. No Wall/ Loft Insulation

If you’re wondering why your heating bills are so high, check whether your home has adequate cavity wall and loft insulation. If not, the hot air from the heat is not getting stored in the walls making the house feel colder. Good insulation will make your home cozier and more energy-efficient. 

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