4 Signs Your Home Is Affected By The Winter Weather

We sometimes forget that our homes are often affected by the seasons. Winter is one of the most overlooked in turn of how it can affect your home. As the temperature starts to drop, it can significantly affect not only the inside of your home but also the outside. This could be an issue with your roof, which may require the aid of a company similar to RPS Metal Roofing & Siding, Inc, or with your pipes, meaning that you’ll need to get in touch with a local plumber to help fix it.  

During winter, the temperature drops, and this can cause drafts and other problems. You may also experience a change in humidity or deal with more condensation than usual. So it’s imperative that you keep an eye out for changes and signs that your home is being affected by the weather. Here are a few signs you may want to look out for: 

Your Home Can’t Keep The Heat 

Your home not keeping its heat is a common sign that the winter weather affects your home. A draft in your home can cause many issues in how your home keeps its heat in, and the weather will only make that worse. When you have a draft, you’ll notice that your heater will continuously try to kick on, but your home will never heat up. 

This may be because your home isn’t adequately insulated. Nothing stops the cold air from coming in from the outside, whether through the walls, the doors, the roof, or the windows. 

There are Cracks Within The Foundation 

The cold weather can cause cracks to form in your home’s foundation. Cracks may lead to leaks that are not easy to see. Cracks in a home’s foundation result from the shifting of its frame from the cold weather. These shifts may cause a break in a pipe or sink, leading to a leak not easily seen due to its location beneath ground level. 

To avoid this problem, prepare your home. Start by checking for any cracks or weak points before winter arrives. Keep materials on hand to ensure you can make quick repairs if needed.

Your Pipes Are Beginning To Freeze 

For many homeowners,  one of the most common signs that their homes have been heavily affected by the winter season is that their pipes begin to freeze over. There are many reasons why your pipe may begin to freeze. It could be due to the low pressure in the pipes. The pipes are most at risk for freezing when they contain water sitting in them for a long time without running or with low water pressure.

When the temperature outside falls below freezing, any water left in your pipes can freeze and expand against the pipe walls. This can restrict water flow and lead to bursting pipes. To prevent this from happening, you should turn on all faucets so that there is always flowing water in your system and you won’t have an increased chance of your pipes freezing. 

Your Rain Gutters 

The rain gutters of your home can be a strong indicator of winter’s effects on your property. This is because they will be helpful when it comes to any winter storms that may come your way. 

Before the severe storms and blizzards hit, it is important to ensure that your gutters are clear. Make sure they are free from any buildup or debris. This will make a huge difference in preventing any serious damage from occurring to your property during the winter season.

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