5 Fun Indoor Gardening Ideas

Whether you haven’t got much outdoor space to work with or you simply want to add a touch of greenery to your home there are plenty of ways to have fun with indoor gardening. You can decorate even a smaller space with pretty plants and with proper maintenance, keep them in bloom all year. Houseplants help to create a calming atmosphere and can brighten up any room. You can even get creative and make your own planters or displays. Here are five fun indoor gardening ideas to get your started.

Use the vertical space

Make the most of your space with a vertical garden. This is a general idea and could be anything from setting up trailing plants on shelves to building a trellis for climbers. Here are some of the best indoor plants for a vertical garden. Get creative with your space. You could even make shelves from repurposed items such as wooden crates or a second-hand trolley.

Set up a windowsill garden

If you have a windowsill this is a great location for plants to thrive. It will get indirect sunlight during most of the day which is what most house plants need. You can create your own design with a mix of different sized plants. Turn it into a sensory space with plenty of colors and aromas. You can even plant herbs on your windowsill or start off seedlings for larger plants and vegetables. Here’s how to set up a windowsill garden

Create an indoor jungle

Fill an area such as an unused corner or alcove near a window with plants and create an indoor jungle. You can arrange larger plants to make a bigger green feature in your home. It’s essential to choose the right type of plants for the environment. Ensure your indoor jungle gets the right amount of sunlight and water especially if it’s quite crowded. If you still keep having problems, here’s what to do if houseplants keep dying.

Build a tiny terrarium

You could make a tiny terrarium in a glass container. These are incredibly adorable and make perfect conversation pieces. Essentially they are self-contained miniature gardens and you can fit them on a windowsill or shelf. If you’re looking for a fiddly yet rewarding DIY project this summer, you could try building one of these. You can add ferns, succulents, flowering house plants, and more. Here is a guide on how to make a terrarium.

Mason jar hanging baskets

Why not look for old household items you can repurpose as planters? You can put houseplants in just about anything from a toy truck to a teapot. Recycled mason jars make great planters and you can even hang them up. Decorate your living room or create the perfect home office with a few mini homemade hanging baskets. They are particularly quirky as you can see the roots growing from underneath. See which items you can use for indoor gardening this summer for a fun and original way to brighten up your home.

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