6 Types of Musical Talent to Have at Your Party

If you want to get your party jumping, and your guests excited, live music is the way to go!  The more entertained your guests are, the more likely they are to talk about your party! You’ll be the talk of almost any social group.  The only question is, what kind of musical talent do you want to hire?

Here are six types that will lend a new feeling to your celebration!

Live Band

A live band might be what comes to mind first.  More performers may mean a higher price tag, but it also means that you’ll be watching a group that knows what they’re doing.  Usually, bands for hire have played together for years, and perform all over the place regularly. By hiring a group collectively, you can expect highly practiced skills.

Groups like these vary in genre and sound, and you can find almost any style you’d like.

Acoustic Group

If your event has a more folksy vibe, go for an acoustic group.  They have all the upsides of a live band but offer a feeling and experience with their performances.  Mostly composed of just guitars, banjos, and vocals, they stand apart from any other production. Acoustic groups are awesome for barn-style weddings, as well as most outside parties.

Solo Artist

Solo singers are a force to be reckoned with!  With just one performer, your cost will be lower, and you only have to worry about one person doing a great job.  Solo performers can surprise and amaze your guests, wowing them into giving you credit for finding a star. When you book music talent like solo artists, you’re investing in and participating in their careers.

Cultural Dancers

From river dancing to tango to ballet- cultural dance varies all over the world.  Although it may feel strange to consider them musical talent, they offer something that has to get included here.  Not only do they have their music, but in performances like river dancing and tap dancing, their movement adds to the music as well.

String Quartet

String quartets offer an opulent feeling to any event where they perform.  With varied tunes, they can match any experience you’re trying to create. Just notify them ahead of time, and most quartets will agree to play anything from classical music to tunes from Star Wars, all while sounding ethereally beautiful.

Gospel Singers

Speaking of ethereal, gospel singers hold their ground when it comes to performing.  Their powerful voices, and beautiful lyrics, can kick your party up a notch. Although they’re not suited for every single event, the ones that they perform at are better because of them.  You’ll impress your guests, and enjoy yourself the whole time they play.

It comes down to taste and the theme of your party.  Music is very personal, and how we experience it is different for every person.  With some thought and consideration, you’ll find musical talent that will feel custom made for your party.

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