Add Style And Interest To Your Home

Whether you’re planning a revamp, or you’ve recently moved and you’re looking to put your stamp on a new home, it’s always wise to look for ways to enhance the aesthetic and the value of your home. Often, adding style and interest can also increase value. Here are some tips to help you cross all the boxes. 

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Declutter with Storage Solutions

Clutter is one of the biggest turn-offs for potential buyers, and it can detract from the beauty of your home. You can add style and interest as well as organization with this tip. If you’re looking into embarking on a decluttering operation, there are ways to free up space, maximize light and enhance your asset. Custom closets can raise the value of your home and they are a stunning addition to master suites and guest rooms. Alternatively, for bedrooms and bathrooms, wall-mounted units are a brilliant option if you’re short on floor space. You could also search for furniture with in-built storage, for example, a bed with drawers underneath and wardrobes with pull out rails. In the living areas, opt for versatile furniture that offers storage, such as tables with drawers, or make your storage a focal point. Open shelving and units that cover the whole wall can serve an aesthetic and functional purpose. Once your bookcase is in place, add framed photographs, potted plants, books and ornaments. For playrooms, you can use cubby holes and shelves to store books, puzzles, soft toys and musical instruments. 

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Spruce Up Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the most important room in the house for most homeowners. If your kitchen is cramped or dated, it’s worth investing in a mini makeover. Sprucing up your kitchen will add style and interest to your home. You can create a beautiful space and also add value to your property. For a small kitchen, if you’re able to expand the space by knocking down a wall it’s worth looking into. It’s also possible to add an extension in many properties, but this is a large-scale job, which will cost a substantial amount of money. Knocking through into utility areas and separate dining rooms allows you to enjoy a more versatile and open layout for less. You can also maximize space and light and make your kitchen look more attractive by opting for light shades on the walls, choosing light flooring and angling tables and chairs towards windows and doors. Hanging a mirror on the wall will bounce light around. White walls make it easy to inject color with accessories. Plants and vases of flowers, storage jars and pots, soft furnishings and colored appliances can add pops of color. 

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Revamping Your Garden

Many people have a nice garden on their wish list when they’re on the search for their dream home. Revamping your garden and creating a sanctuary will add value when it comes time to sell. You don’t have to break the bank to make your garden look more alluring. Be sure to keep up with routine maintenance. Add planters and pots and ensuring paving, patios and fencing are in good condition can all make a positive difference. You can also personalize the space and make it look fabulous with accessories, such as floor cushions, lanterns and outdoor string lights and a sofa or dining set. 

Style and Interest

We all want our homes to look exquisite, but it’s also essential to protect your investment. With these tips, you can add style and interest and most importantly, value. 

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