Basic Invite for Any Event

I’m all about DIY especially when it comes to planning a celebration of any kind. There’s something special about putting personal details into special events. Some of my signature DIY party touches include custom posters, homemade circle garland & of course a DIY custom basic invite. Invitation Samples

Special Invite

With the convenience of the internet, many people use email or social media platforms to invite their guest to gatherings. Sending a custom invitation to be delivered to your guests mailbox is a special touch. Your mom will love that she has a special memento to scrap book. And personally, I’m convinced that the guest turnout is better when you mail an invitation. Most people will put that invitation on their refrigerator so they’re more likely to remember your special event!

Get Creative

You don’t have to be a Photoshop wizard or have special penmanship skills because Basic Invite has an invitation maker feature to help you. Basic Invite allows customers infinite color combinations, with instant online previews! They are one of the few websites that can do this. You can change the color of each element on the invitation, with over 180 different colors choices. The card can be precisely how you want it, down to even the smallest detail! This is what sets them apart from all the other online stationery companies, and is their biggest draw.

Getting Addresses

One of the challenging things about sending party invites is collecting everyone’s addresses. Basic Invite offers a Free Address Collection Service to make the task easier! Use their free address collection service to request your addresses with just three simple steps! You can share a link on social media profile or through email. You can even get free envelop printing once you have your addresses collected!

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For Any Occasion

Invitations aren’t just for wedding. You can send them for almost any occasion! How about ordering some 90th birthday invitations with photo for grandpa’s upcoming party? Your Mom is retiring? Basic Invite has some great retirement party invitation inspiration. Your options for invitation occasions is basically endless with Basic Invite.

Other Notable Basic Invite Features

Besides the wide rage of invitation options, Basic Invite also offers business card printing services.

AND (and this might be my favorite feature) they offer free event website to match your printed invitations! You can include maps, registries, a photo gallery; all kinds of great features for your guest to see. And your guests can even RSVP online!

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