Beauty Tips :: Get Even Clearer Skin

I struggled with acne for years and when I finally had my full-face-flair-ups under control I realized that the random pop up zits could be avoided by adding the following into my skincare routine. I swear by these!

Shower at Night

Making a habit of showering at night is going to do wonders for your skin. You’re washing the entire day off your of your face, hair & body. Getting into clean sheets with a clean body is going to ensure you’re not rubbing your hair products from the day, body sprays and deodorants all over your bedding. Think about it. Try it!


Have you heard about dermaplaning yet? It’s spectacular. It’s the best exfoliation you can get and it makes your skin look amazing! The process makes your skin absorb your acne ointments and anti-aging serums so much more easily. I go to Juvly Aesthetics to get dermaplaned every 4 to 6 weeks. You can learn more about dermaplaning HERE.

When you “can’t even”, be prepared

Let’s be real. There are times you can’t even. I completely understand. You’re exhausted. You passed out on the couch then wake up and go straight to bed. Or you just got home from work and you’re absolutely exhausted. KEEP MAKEUP WIPES IN YOUR NIGHT STAND. I don’t recommend using makeup wipes on a daily basis for makeup removal, but when you’re in a pinch it’s better to take some off rather than leave it all on.

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