Benefits of Living in the Midwest

Today we are going to take a journey through the heart of America; the great Midwest. There are many benefits of living here; beyond what I am publishing today but there are 5 of the biggest benefits that I wanted to share with you. Whether you grew up here or if you transplanted here, I am sure you can agree with some, if not all of these.

Affordable Housing

One of the main benefits of living in the Midwest is that it has more affordable housing than other areas of the country. Many cities in the midwest offer a much lower cost of living. Madison houses for sale are priced comparable to other Midwest cities, including Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee where the median home price is about $200,000. This is compared to some east and west coast cities where the median home value is 2 to 3 times that amount. At the same time, the median income is not that much lower. Overall, this makes it far more affordable to live in the Midwest.

Less Traffic

Midwest cities, let alone smaller towns, don’t have the heavy traffic and bustle you see in popular locales East and West. The heaviest traffic in the Midwest may take a few minutes to navigate. Most of the time, traffic isn’t significantly heavy. Compare this to the hours of citywide gridlock you encounter during rush hour (sometimes even beyond rush hour) in most major cities.

Four Seasons

If you’ve ever experienced the joy of leaves changing colors or a White Christmas, then you’ll love the midwest. The city enjoys all four distinct seasons. Even in places that it is hotter, the temperature will cool down and the leaves will still turn orange. If you want to see pure beauty take a road trip through West Virginia during the fall season before the leaves fall to see all the pretty colors.

Outdoor Activities

The midwest offers numerous opportunities to get outside to start exploring. There are five national parks to visit in Minnesota, over 70 state parks, and you can even access the western-most point of the Great Lakes if you head up north. You’ll discover plenty of trails for hiking, cycling, and trail running. You can go climbing in the summer and skiing in the winter. With all of that lake water, owning a boat can help you to get out of the house as well. It would take several years to run out of new things to do when you start living in Minnesota, even if you try a different activity each weekend.


You can spend weeks touring the various museums that are available in Chicago and never see the same exhibit twice. The variety of different places and opportunities are almost beyond compare in this city compared to other urban centers across the country. The Art Institute of Chicago, the Field Museum, and the interactive Museum of Science and Industry to go see for starters.

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