What To Do About That Boring Wall

It’s a conundrum that’s a lot more common than you might think. Boring walls. Your bedroom feels a little lifeless, a little lacking in personality, and it’s largely because there’s one big, blank space facing out at the rest of the room. We’re talking about a blank bedroom wall and the surprisingly dominating effect it can have on the rest of the room. Now we’re going to talk about how you can add a little more life to it, too.

Make it More “You”

If the wall is feeling a little bare, then your first thought should naturally be to add your own personality and taste to it. Find out how to design your own wall photo gallery, find some wall art, or even consider decorating it with your hobbies. For instance, you could hang up some of your favorite record sleeves, book covers, or frame some movie posters. Find what best defines you, whether it’s your passions, tastes, or memories and give them some pride of place on the wall.

Give it Some Comfort

Your wall doesn’t have to dominate the room by showing off anything in particular either, of course. It can just as easily contribute to the ambiance of the room. One of the best ways to help boost the comfort of your bedroom is to use the blank wall as the canvas for more interior lighting fixtures. A little accent lighting can go a long way in setting the perfect mood to relax at night, especially if you’re using bulbs that have a lower color temperature and, thus, have a much warmer glow to them.

Get Some Use Out of It

The wall doesn’t have to be purely decorative, either. Instead, if you find that you don’t have quite enough storage, you could be missing out on some really valuable and practical vertical room that you could make use of right away. Consider adding open shelving to the room or look at how to make a custom closet suit your sense of style to really maximize both the storage and aesthetic potential of that wall. You need a little floor space available to add a closet to the wall, but it can make your room a hundred times more practical so its usually worth it.

Turn it Into a Feature

You don’t necessarily have to add anything to a wall to make it a little more exciting and noticeable. You can change the wall itself and make it a lot more noticeable. Look at how to choose wall cladding that adds dimension and depth, with panels such as wood, brick, and Subway tile all becoming a lot more popular. Having one feature wall and serve as a focal point for the room, while nicely contrasting the opposing effect of the other walls.

Banish those boring bedroom walls and add a little more spark to the space that you call your own. Hopefully, the tips help you make your bedroom your own by getting rid of any spaces lacking the personality or practicality you need.

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