Brighten Up Your Home for Spring

Spring is coming quickly and that means you’ll be looking at ways that you can brighten up your home to reflect the lighter days and your lighter mood. Let’s be honest, winter and autumn months can be very depressing especially if you’re not a fan of the cold! It’s the season now to get off your bum and give your home a complete refresh. 

Whether that’s as far as choosing to upgrade your windows with Renewal by Andersen home windows will you simply want to make some changes to the colors that you use in your linens, there are plenty of simple ways that you can brighten up your home so that you can gain a good spring in your step as spring approaches.

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Find a Good Florist

Having some flowers put in your home whether it’s on the kitchen counter or on the living room table, will help to bring that spring feeling inside. Choosing spring flowers is a great way to feel like there is something new on the horizon. You can do this yourself, too, by heading out into the garden with your gardening gloves on and finding something bright to fill a vase. If you can’t do it yourself, call somebody and ask somebody to do it for you.

Upgrade Your Couch Cushions

If you somebody who brings out the wintry themed or Christmas themed couch cushions when the weather is cold, it’s time to flat pack them away and bring out the spring materials. Think pastel colors or florals and have those upgraded onto your sofas. Not only will you be able to walk into a room and feel happier as a result, they will suit the theme of the weather outside. There are only so many months you can look at tartan cushions.

Get Your Clean On

Setting a timer and scrubbing down the house is exactly what you need during the spring months. Cleaning is never a fun chore, but when you rock some good headphones with some loud music, killing can feel a lot more satisfying. Dedicate some time whether it’s a full day or half day and just go for it. Open the windows and let that smell of sunlight and happiness flood through, put on some music and before you know it the timer will go off. You could also try to light some candles to take away that bleachy smell at the end, and invite her friends over to enjoy your newly clean home.

Call the HVAC Pro

When was the last time your HVAC had a service? Calling somebody in to give it a good clean and clear out all the filters is a smart idea before the spring because you may be switching it from heating to air conditioning mode soon enough. Calling out somebody to do it for you is the best decision you could make for springtime because then your house will feel fresher and the air will feel cleaner as a result.

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