Could You Afford To Extend Your Home?

Extending your home is a big project to try and budget for. However, it’s also the most functional and valuable one to undertake in equal measure. And now we’re well into winter, it’s a good time to start thinking about ways you could make your home more suitable for you! So, could you afford to extend your home? Well, not right now, but maybe in the near future? It’s totally possible! Let’s go through some differently priced renovation projects below that’ll give you more room to work with. 

Add on a Small Porch

Small porches are the future. If you don’t have much of a budget for home renovations, they’re definitely what you want to start with! After all, you just need to move the front door out a little to give yourself a longer entryway and/or hallway to work with. Not only does this give your home more shape and dimension from the outside, but you can fit more storage into the small space created on the interior as well. 

Knock Through a Wall

Knocking through a wall is a good way to open up a home, and extend it without really doing anything. After all, when there isn’t a wall in the way, you can make your whole downstairs space one big area to make use of! More cabinets, more chairs and sofas, a bigger TV – these can easily fit into an open plan room that embraces the idea of negative space. Just make sure you’re not removing a load bearing wall and it’s even something you can DIY – but be absolutely sure before you hit anything with a hammer! 

A Garage isn’t the Only Way to Store Vehicles

Adding and/or converting a room into a garage can be very expensive. It’s the kind of renovation you need to save up for, and it’s rarely one you can do on impulse. However, if you need vehicle storage as soon as possible a garage isn’t the only thing you can have built. 

Indeed, you can invest in something like carports to provide coverage, especially during the winter periods. Of course you won’t get the same amount of privacy and security, but you’ll have somewhere to put your car to keep it clean from birds, leaves, and anything else that falls out of the sky. 

Turn the Loft into Another Bedroom

This is on the pricier end of things, but it’s still a cheaper renovation than adding another room or converting something downstairs. After all, the loft is an enclosed space already, and if you go for a ‘rooflight’ conversion, you won’t have to fork out too much. With this type of conversion, you work with the existing line of the roof, meaning nothing structural really needs to change. If you’ve got high walls, this could be perfect! 

Extending your home is expensive, there’s no getting around that! But if you work with your four walls, you can make smaller changes that add up. 

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