Create a Space for Positive Well-being

Whether you’re moving to a new home or are simply fed up with the way your current home makes you feel, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to ideas on boosting the energy of your living space. Maybe you have had to downsize and are worried the new home is too small and dingy, or perhaps you have allowed your home to grow old around you, and it feels lifeless and decrepit now. It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are, a few small changes here and there can do the trick, just as well as huge structural changes. The truth is, your home has a significant impact on the way you feel. A dark space, for example, can lower your mood and induce feelings of depression. A musty smell can give you health problems such as coughing and wheezing, and it also causes mental illnesses such as anxiety. So, if you look about and your home does not cater to your well-being, look at these tips for a few simple methods on boosting your home’s energy.

Lighten Up

Boosting natural light into the home is a must for your well-being. There are many health benefits that can be laid at the feet of natural light, such as increasing your vitamin D levels, a vitamin vital for your immune system. Even if you have a bedsit with one window, there are many ways you can add natural light into the home. Mirrors reflecting natural light are possible in any space. You can use a system of mirrors to boost the Sun, if your home is very dark and you have long dark corridors, for example. Perhaps, you could remove those old, heavy curtains and swap them for blinds, or even no curtains at all, depending on your location. Make sure no big objects are in the way of the windows, such as wardrobes. If you have a budget and a property that allows it, maybe a skylight is an option for you. You could also swap that old front door for one with windows if your property has an outside door. The more natural light you can add to your home, the more you will boost your mindset.

De-Clutter Your Home De-Clutter Your Mind

Is your home packed full, and you can’t seem to find space for anything anymore? Clutter is a problem that happens wiht many people, and one that you can tackle. First, the health benefits of de-cluttering are many, including reducing dust and mites, minimizing breeding grounds for allergies, and breathing issues such as asthma to occur. Also, de-cluttering can reduce stress and make you feel better about yourself. Thinking a little bit Feng Shui, minimalism, and letting energy flow around your space, can go a long way when it comes to your mental health. Grab a box and start putting in all the rubbish. Things that are old, things that are broken, and you will never get mended, no matter how much you keep telling yourself you will. Start with the things on the sides, then delve into drawers and cupboards and get rid of all the obvious rubbish. Get rid of those old clothes and shoes too. Once all the small things are dealt with, you can start with the larger items. Perhaps, you’re not ready to part with some of your things, well you could think of storing a few items with while you get used to living without them. Giving yourself space to breathe and think will definitely help in this process, especially if you find it difficult to part with things.

Think Green

Buying a few houseplants for your home can be a great way to boost positivity. First off, adding a few plants can produce a calming effect, reducing stress and anxiety. Plants simply create a more relaxing environment. They also purify the air in the home, taking out toxins and breathing out clean oxygen. This can be especially good when you live in a small flat in the middle of a big city. Opening that door to a little Zen space can make you feel instantly more relaxed. If you live alone, plants can be the perfect housemate, all they ask for is a little bit of water, and they will bestow unto you many benefits. Another way to think green is by replacing all your harsh chemical cleaning products with green, environmentally friendly ones. Again this will do wonders for the air quality in your home. This will also have the added benefit of making you feel better as you know you are protecting your home and the environment around you.     

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