Tumeric DIY Mask :: A Recipe for Brighter, Tighter Skin

I see DIY mask Pins on Pinterest, posts on Instagram, stories and Lives on Facebook every single day.  How many have I tried?  ALL OF THEM.  Like, seriously.   Some of them have seemed pointless, others have caused great regret but this one…. This one has become a staple of my beauty routine.

After seeing DIY turmeric mask posts EVERYWHERE, I decided I should try it.  After all, my husband (the chef of the house; I don’t cook unless I absolutely have to) always has turmeric in the kitchen and I figured he wouldn’t notice a teaspoon of it missing!  Of course, he caught me!  Fortunately, he warned me of something NONE of the posts mentioned; IT WILL STAIN YOUR SKIN!

I didn’t believe him.  All those posts and no one ever said anything about staining.  He couldn’t possibly be right.  HE WAS!  Fortunately, I quickly came up with a routine that makes this process easy-peasy-lemon-queezy and the results are great!


DIY Mask Ingredients

Mix the ingredients in a small dish.  Apply mixture to clean, dry skin.  Let mixture dry.  Remove mixture with warm water and an old washcloth (it will get stained!).  Cleanse skin with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser or your favorite gentle cleanser to remove more of the mask residue.

Your skin may still have a hint of turmeric coloring.  The after care that I outline below is how I gently remove any remaining coloring and finish off the process.


After Mask Care

What you will need:

Apply the Witch Hazel to a cotton round and gently sweep across skin to remove any remaining hints of turmeric coloring.  You may need to repeat this process a few times.  Remember to be gentle!  After you’ve removed any remaining turmeric coloring, apply your favorite moisturizer.  I tend to stay away from ‘active ingredients’ after masking so that I don’t irritate my skin.



  • Be sure to do a small patch test before applying any mask to your skin, especially a DIY mask.
  • Keep cooking turmeric in the kitchen and get a separate turmeric for your vanity to keep things sanitary.
  • Don’t let the turmeric or the mixture touch your manicure!  It will stain your nails or polish and you don’t want that.
  • Remove the mask in the shower for less mess.
  • Don’t try ANY new masks right before a big event!



Please note I am not an esthetician or skin care specialist or professional, I am only providing you with my personal experience. This post does include affiliate links that benefit my blog when purchases are made. Please click to view additional information relating to my disclaimer.

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