Dollar Shave Club Review:: Not Just for Men

I signed my husband up for Dollar Shave Club a few years ago and was so impressed that I SIGNED MYSELF UP TOO!  Having your choose razor blades shipped to you automatically is amazing.  The quality is perfect and my legs and armpits are so much happier now that I have these high quality blades.  Razor burn and ingrown hairs are issues that I have always struggled with; until now!


Choose from 3 blade options (each blade option is for four razor heads):

  • Twin Blade – $1 plus $2 shipping and handling
  • 4x Blade – $6 and free shipping – This one is my personal favorite!
  • 6x Blade – $9 and free shipping


Choose how frequently your blades are shipped to you!  I love this part.  I shave more frequently (and more surface area) than my husband so I need blades more frequently.  Dollar Shave Club allows us to choose the frequency of shipments!


Before Dollar Shave Club, I was buying disposable razors.  For some reason I thought that I would have less in grown hairs, less razor burn if I was using new razor blades every single time.  It kinda worked, but kinda not at the same time.  I didn’t realize it wasn’t really working the way I thought it should until I started using the Dollar Shave Club razors.  Seriously, I couldn’t be happier!  So much time and money is saved by using Dollar Shave Club and I will never go back to my old ways!

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