Create The Bedroom Of Your Dreams

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Is your bedroom a dream bedroom? How much do you love your bedroom? It’s a strange question, isn’t it? For many of us, heading to our bedroom means the end of a stressful day or the moment we get to cuddle up to the one we love. However, as a room that is so important for our mental and physical health, it often isn’t the room we dream of. We make do. This isn’t good enough, so it’s time to revamp the bedroom! 

Clear out the Clutter

One of the first things we should do when revamping our room is clear out all the clutter and mess. This includes what lurks under your bed! Get serious with your vacuum and give everything, including your mattress a really good freshen up. Once you have stripped it bare, it’s time to look at what you have. 

Fresh Coat of Paint

Most luxury hotel rooms use neutral but warm colors, this helps to calm and relax us. If you have white walls or a bold color feature wall, this could have an impact on your sleep quality. Maybe it’s time for a soft grey or oatmeal. You can still go for white, but try an off white to give your dream bedroom a slightly warmer feel. 

Don’t Forget Storage

Storage is the next thing to tackle. Some people may ask, are custom closets worth the money? The answer is yes, they are worth every penny. Of course, you don’t have to pay megabucks for them. With a little planning and the right measuring, you could create your own bespoke closets to maximize space and give that 5-star appeal to your room. 

Catch some Zzzzz

The main event in every room is the bed. First stop? Your mattress. How long have you had it? If your mattress is over seven years old, it is definitely time to invest in a new one. Head to a shop and try out all the different kinds that are available until you discover one that gives you the correct support. Memory foam is excellent, but some people say it gets hot at night. Once you have chosen your mattress, you don’t need to spend a fortune on a new bed frame. Stick with what you have and spend the money on high-quality sheets and bedspreads. You want lightweight sheets and a heavy quilt which can be removed at night. Layer it up with pillows, cushions and a few throws. 

Check the Lighting

The final step is lighting. Your room should be warm and inviting at all times, with multiple options on the light level. Invest in a dimmer switch and some beautiful looking bedside lamps. 

Then, settle in for the best night’s sleep of your life! 

Dream Bedroom

Our bedrooms should be a romantic, peaceful and relaxing place yet, so many of us don’t treat them the right way. We don’t make our beds in the morning, we dump piles of laundry on our boudoir chairs, and we have the wrong kind of lighting. These are all things that will affect how we feel about the room and can prevent us from getting a good night’s sleep. Put these tips into use and create your dream bedroom! 

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