Give Your Home A Timeless Design


Interior design is becoming less focused on new trends and more about staying sustainable. This goes hand in hand with many traits of timeless design, such as durable quality materials and antique or vintage. Of course there are many interior design ideas trending this year, but how about having a go at keeping your home more individual and stylish by following some simple rules of timeless design. 

Quality Items

Investing in more high-quality items means that not only will they last longer in real-life but also in fashion. Steer clear from easy fix, flat-pack or cheap furniture. Don’t buy low-quality woods such as MDF or plastics. Instead opt for either sustainable materials or something vintage. You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money you can find many hidden gems in a second-hand thrift store or on a market. Even consider websites such as freecycle to get other people’s old, unwanted items for next to nothing. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Often people double on furniture and other household items when they move in with a partner for example so there’s no need for them to be overly used or damaged. You can choose a piece to make a statement, or it’s also possible to buy the materials online and creative yourself. If you’re not much of a carpenter you could hire a designer. 


This is one of the most important rules of timeless design as it has a psychological explanation. Symmetry is more pleasing to the eye, whether it’s seen a human face or a room. It’s easy to create symmetry in your home by pairing up items and putting a third in the middle for example. Following the “rule of three” is also a visual technique which makes your interior more appealing. You don’t need matching items but take care with you arrange furniture and other decorations.

Focal Points

Try to create these in every room. Focal points also draw the in and work well with the symmetry in the room. This could be a piece of artwork, a mantle piece or fireplace for example. Arrange lighting and furniture pointing towards it. Architectural features can also be focal points such as windows looking out onto your garden or a feature wall or pillar with particular interesting brickwork. The exterior of your house is also important. If you’re considering going further and buying a new home, have a look at the different designs online at William Pitt, real estate. 

Classic Patterns

Going back to the “rule of three” it’s recommendable to have at least three patterns in a single room. These should not follow current trends so stick to your classics such as stripes, floral and plaids. You could add texture also with a damask rug. This complex pattern will forever be in style and it’s much more practical as you won’t see any stains. Avoid patterns such as animal prints and garish colors which are trending at the moment, but might look out-of-date by next year.

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