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Gwynnie Bee Online Clothing Subscription for Women Review

Gwynnie Bee is an online clothing subscription service that allows women to access an unlimited wardrobe in order to shop better, wear smarter, and rediscover the fun of fashion.  When I first heard about Gwynnie Bee through an advertisement of Facebook, they only offered sizes 10 to 32.  Recently they expanded their offerings; now they offer sizes 0 to 32!


To get started, you create an account.  Once you’ve selected a user name and password, you’re taken through a series of size, fit & style questionnaires.  The the ‘shopping’ beings!  You get to explore the Gwynnie Bee online show room and find items that you want to add to your ‘closet’.  Adding items to your closet will help the GB stylists know what types of times you’d most like to receive.


About a 3 days after I had created my account and stocked my GB ‘closet’, I received my first shipment!  I elected to start out with two items at a time.  I opened my package to find very lovely details inside (they really know how to stick to their branding!), a hunter green blouse & a navy blue cardigan.


I didn’t really care of the way the navy blue cardigan fit me so I folded it up and placed it inside the shipping package that was included in my order.  The package already had a return address label on it so all I needed to do was drop it off at the post office!


Every single piece that Gwynnie Bee releases goes through a series of quality checks.  One of the final checks is a First Fit Review.  These reviews proved to be essential for me when selecting items and sizes to put into my closet.  All First Fit Reviewers have their measurements, body types and a personal review posted for each item giving you a really clear idea of what pieces are going to be ideal for you.


If you decide to try out Gwynnie Bee, let me know what you think!


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