Make Your New House Feel Like Home

When you move into a new house, it can take a while before it feels like home. Even after you’ve unpacked the boxes, stocked the fridge and your belongings are organized, the sense of newness can overtake the feeling of comfort. Sometimes, this feeling can continue weeks and even months after moving day. On occasion, it doesn’t disappear at all. 

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There is a huge difference between living in a place that simply provides a roof, a bed, and a bathroom to a place that you really feel at home in. This can be even more true in somewhere that you are renting. When you’re renting it can be hard to set roots in somewhere that you might only be for a few months, especially if you can’t decorate and it’s a far cry from your own taste. However, a sense of home is just a perception, and regardless of your surroundings it’s possible to create a personal living space to call home 

Some of the ways you can turn a house into a home include: 

Hanging Art 

There are some major advantages to hanging wall art or family pictures in a new house. It has the ability to instantly make it feel more to your taste as well as make you feel at home because your family is now part of it. Simply looking at art can also help to reduce stress and make you feel happy. That is just what you need when you move somewhere new! You should make it a priority to hang some art sooner rather than later. The more you fill your new house with things that make you feel good, the more you’re going to create somewhere that feels like home. 

Have Things That Remind You Of Your Childhood Home

For the majority of people, your childhood home is the place where you feel most at home. It’s where we grew up and first felt safe and loved. You can never quite capture the feeling of your childhood home but you can create a childhood home for your own children. You can, however, keep a few items from your family home in your own home to keep it close by. It may be a music box from your old bedroom, a certain piece of furniture, or even things like outdated board games. These small things can carry the warm energy from where they came, and help to comfort you on sight. 

Keep It Clean And Tidy 

Everyone will admit to how much they love climbing into a bed with fresh sheets on. It’s very hard to be completely comfortable somewhere that feels dirty and cluttered, even if it’s just a little. If you really want to make your home cozy, you should begin with making it clean. Your personal space is a true image of how you fell, so if you want to feel completely relaxed in your home, you should make an effort to maintain your space to keep it somewhere you can relax. Wash your sheets on a  regular basis, use things like hotel quality tablecloths from Richard Haworth, keep your floors and other surfaces clean, and try to create the good habit of de-cluttering. 

Make It Comfy 

Adding cozy blankets and comfy cushions to areas like your sofa and bedrooms can go a long way to making any space more inviting and peaceful. What’s even better, is that find a snuggle-worthy throw is easy fro any budget so this is a really simple way to make your house feel more homely. If you have anxieties or stress then you might want to think about adding in a weighted blanket. They work by adding a gentle amount of pressure to your body to make you feel more relaxed and calm. 

Go Green

Much like art, plant, and flowers are well known for being able to positively impact our mood and reduce stress, along with other benefits. There are many benefits to being outdoors in nature. Introducing some fresh blooms or greenery to your space can help you bring these indoors. If you’re not great with maintaining plants or are worried you won’t have the time to tend to them, don’t worry, there are plenty of options such as an orchid or ficus. You could even pot a few herbs in mason jars on your kitchen window sill. Even buying fresh flowers to put on your dining table each week can help. Pick out some carefully selected house plants that you know are going to survive if you forget to water them. 

Add More Light 

Something that can make a house feel less inviting is insufficient lighting, or even worst, fluorescent lighting. Try to make sure that any lighting in your home emits a warm temperature color of yellow or white, these both promote relaxation. Then you should try to add some additional lighting. Any space can be instantly made more homely with the introduction of well-placed lighting like table lamps or a battery-powered flame-less candle in a lantern. A great way to make your home feel more homely is to add in dimmer switches, this gives you the option of adjusting the brightness of the like depending on your mood, the time of the day, or occasions. Don’t forget about candles too, they are a brilliant way to add both a homely touch and tasteful light. 

Create A Spa Feeling 

Spas have a wonderful way of making you feel relaxed. They do this by adding in features like trickling water, ambient music, diffusers, candles, etc. Try and incorporate some of these into your new home so you can feel ultimately relaxed. Try some of your favorite smells from scented candles or a wax melter. You could even go a step further a create a few pamper sessions where you treat yourself to a glass of your favorite drink, have a bath, stick on a face mask and then get warm and comfy in your pj’s in your new home. 

These are just a few of the way you can make your new house feel like home, is there anything that makes your house feel like your home? Please share them in the comments below. 

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