How To Choose The Perfect Bed

Your bed is almost certainly the biggest piece of furniture in your bedroom. But picking the perfect bed is always a bit of a challenge. Not only does it have to feel comfortable, but it also has to fit the décor of the rest of the room. 

Don’t Order A Bed Online

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Here’s a pro tip: don’t order a bed online. Instead, go to a showroom. It can make a tremendous difference in your choice. That’s because beds that look great online can really disappoint in reality. 

If you’re hunting for a bed, go to the showroom and actually lie on it. Talk to the store staff about the right kind of bed for your weight and build and get them to explain to you the mattress features you need. If you’re a larger person, you’ll need a firmer mattress, for example. 

Choose A Bed With Your Partner

If you have a partner, it’s a good idea to choose a bed together. This way, you can both get something that you find comfortable. Don’t assume that they will automatically like the same bedding as you. 

Think About Hygiene

If you’re the sort of person who has had to hire a bed bug exterminator in the past, then you’ll want to think about hygiene. These tiny insects can actually live in your mattress and feed on your skin cells during the night. Gross. 

Some beds, however, come with clever mattresses with a protective wrap. This essentially stops anything from getting into the mattress itself, stopping it from becoming a breeding ground for bugs and other nasties. 

Give Yourself Space

It’s a good idea to choose a bed that fits the room that will house it. Too many people go for super-king-size deluxe beds without really thinking about whether their rooms actually have the space for them. Remember, more room means more comfort. 

Make The Bed Neutral

perfect bed
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Statement beds can work in some bedroom interiors. But if you don’t have a specific design in the back of your head, it’s best to stick with a neutral design for your perfect bed. What ultimately matters is how the bed feels, not what it looks like. 

Get The Biggest Bed You Can

While you should be conscious of the size of your bed, you should also choose the biggest bed that you can. The more space that you have, the more you’ll be able to spread out when you sleep. Being able to move around actually helps to improve the quality of your sleep and can make you more comfortable. 

Get A Bed With Storage Space

Most of the height of modern beds isn’t the mattress. Instead, it’s just a support that raises you off the ground. In many cases, this support is just a wooden frame with no additional functions at all, which is a bit of a waste. It’s a good idea, therefore, to choose one that offers storage options. You could use this for things like blankets, hot water bottles and spare pairs of pajamas. 

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