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This is a post that is somewhat serious but also pretty silly.  It’s a new and with New Year’s I typically find myself making resolutions to ‘improve’ myself.  You know, lose weight.

I know I’m supposed to MAKE TIME to workout but it’s so hard for me, especially because I have not worked out in forever!  So, I found 6 moves that I think I could add into my daily routine that will help me get moving while not cutting into my already busy schedule.  I’m referring to this as a “Faux Workout” because it’s somewhat silly – not an actual serious workout.

Workout Wherever Tips for Busy Moms Working Women Get Fit

Please keep in mind that I am not a fitness guru, personal trainer, workout fanatic, etc.  I rarely workout anymore and I am just sharing some of my personal, somewhat silly techniques to get a little bit of workout into my busy schedule.

I have a Fitbit and I wear it every day.  It was a habit to wear it back-in-the-day when I used to workout regularly.  These days, I am still wearing the  Fitbit but don’t workout hardly ever.  In fact, most days I only get about 3,000 steps.  Embarrassing.  I need to start getting more steps and start squeezing some fitness into my routine!




I like to listen to Amazon Music while I’m washing dishes and this is basically the move I have incorporated into my dish scrubbing routine.  I save the squat portion of this example for unloading the dishwasher.





Sometimes I do this one when I’m brushing my teeth.  The hand that would go behind my head is my brushing hand and I switch up sides after 30 bends.  I do each side two times.  Did you know you know you’re suppose to brush your teeth for two minutes?  Like I said, I’m trying to squeeze in my ‘workout’ anywhere I can.




So, we all know everyone poops.  Instead of scrolling through social media posts when you’re doing your business, maybe do these arm lifts.  You’re cutting down on screen time while taking tiny steps to tone your arm.





I’m thinking this one could be added into my morning routine.  My husband gets out of bed before me and I’m thinking rather than just laying there checking my phone, I could easily squeeze in some midsection toning!





Yes, we have a hamper.  Do we use it?  No!  So, this one could be easily added into my laundry routine.  Not only do I imagine it would give my legs a little workout but it would also be a balance challenge.  Let’s see just how coordinated and balanced I am!  lol


High stepping :: Waiting Around


My intimidate through on seeing this one was how perfect it would be for those ‘waiting moments’ I experience throughout my day.  Waiting for my kid to put her shoes on, waiting for the file to finish printing, waiting for the pot to fill with water.  This could easily be thrown into those moments!



So.  What do you think.  Am I totally crazy?  Do you do anything like this?  Am I really the only person alive that has a hard time getting a workout in?


Workout Wherever Tips for Busy Moms Working Women Get Fit



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