How to Maximize A Tiny Bathroom

When you are touring homes to buy, it’s very easy to look at the kitchen and be taking note of the amount of space. Everyone wants big kitchens! The kitchen is typically the hub of the home, of course, and most would say it’s essential to have a big kitchen. Some would say it’s as important as having a large living room or bedroom. You want space and light, and yet the one place you have overlooked is the bathroom. It’s easy to do; most people expect the bathroom to be a smaller room rather than as large and as sweeping as the kitchen. 

However, you shouldn’t panic if you move in and only just realize how small the bathroom really is. This is the bit where most homeowners immediately start planning an extension to their bathroom. Not you, though! You have the tricks we’ve got for you here to get you started. Your bathroom may be small, but that doesn’t mean that it cannot be beautiful.

Plan the Space

First, look at the space you have. Are you planning to use this bathroom in the way you would a spa? Will it just be you who uses it each day, or do you have children or guests who will be sharing it? You don’t want to personalize the bathroom too far if you have to share the space. This is a small enough space as it is, so you don’t want to overwhelm it. Guest bathrooms are going to be differently decorated to your own bathroom, mostly because they only use the bathroom for a few minutes at a time, and not on a daily basis. You’ll want wallpaper over paint for a guest bathroom, some artwork, and a stack of guest towels specific to this room.

Consider Lighting

If your bathroom is a private suite off your master bedroom, then think about how you can bring light into the space. Master bathrooms don’t always have a window or window and no natural light can make them very dark. The right residential glass mirrors can be the perfect addition as it will bounce all the lighting around the room. In a small space, you want as much light as possible, reaching every corner, and the right mirrors will do that while giving you an illusion of more space.

Prioritize Storage

Absolutely always prioritize your storage options. Most people with a limited floor space love to have floating cabinets and shelves for towels and other bathroom shampoos and lotions. You want to keep the floor as clear as possible so that you feel like the space is bigger. Even when it’s not.

Add an Accent Wall

Even the smallest bathrooms deserve an accent wall! Just because the room is small, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make it look beautiful. An accent wall will give you the perfect amount of space to decorate without overwhelming a small room. It also allows you to be bold in one area while remaining minimalist in the other areas of the bathroom.

Oval Mirror Near Toilet Bowl
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Tiny bathrooms are only a problem if you do nothing with them. Get your creative hat on – it’s time to plan!

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