How to Modernize Your Living Room

It happened again. You stayed up too late last night binge-watching your favorite home improvement shows. Now, every time you walk into your living room, you are disappointed and underwhelmed. Everything has begun looking a little old and outdated, and you figure that it is probably time to bring your living room from the stone age to modern times. However, your budget probably is not as high as the people you watched on TV, so you will have to find a way to create an amazing modernized living room without going completely broke in the process. So, where do you start? What can you do to begin modernizing your living room?


There are cheap and expensive ways to go about modernizing your windows in your living room. If there are not very many, and you happen to have some extra money lying around, consider adding more windows to the room. Most modern houses have several windows in the living room in order to allow natural light to pour in. Companies like Advanced Window Products provide many options on how to add more light to your living room, and can provide payment options that will not completely break the bank. Installing new windows into your living room can bring in more life to a room that was once a bit stuffy. Not only do new windows enhance the comfort of the room, they also help cut back on energy costs thanks to the natural light and warmth they can provide during the daytime. 

Add Floating Shelves

Modern living rooms are all about convenience and streamlining everything, and that can mean taking things off the ground. A popular and nice looking trend is to lift shelving off of the ground to create a bit of a floating shelf effect. Not only do floating shelves free the floor from clutter, they give your home a more unique and modern look. 


Maybe part of the reason you do not love your old living room is because the walls feel incredibly bare. It could be time to consider adding some art to the room. This is all dependent on tastes, but filling the walls with art that follows a theme of color or pattern can add a lot of appeal to the place, and create a more relaxing and inviting atmosphere. The last thing you want is for your home to feel like a prison. 

Hang a Clock

One thing that has never gone out of style is the appeal of having a large clock on the wall. The more modern and creative looking the clock, the better. Just make sure that whatever clock you grab is silent, you don’t want that noise ruining the vibe of the room. 

TV Location

Now that the room has been set up, where does the TV go? If you can, place it in a corner of the room where it is still visible, but not in the way. That way, it will not interfere with the design of the room. A great option if you do not have corner space, is to mount it on the wall. If the wires hanging down are ugly and ruining the modernization of the room, look into some interesting ways to disguise TV cords on your wall and try them out. 

There are a lot of things you can do to modernize your living room and add new life, but these are just a few ideas. Do some research and compile a strategic plan to bring your room out of the stone age. 

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