Hubble :: Mail Order Contact Lens Review

About a year ago, I saw an ad on Facebook for mail order contact lenses.  Like 1-800-Contacts, right?  Not exactly.  This company promised that I could get my contact lenses automatically shipped to my home for $33 per month which sounded much more appealing than having to dish out hundreds of dollars at one time for 3 or even 6 months of lenses.  The most appealing part of  Hubble’s advertisement was that I could start it for free; $15 pairs and I all I had to pay was $3 for shipping.  Sure why not?  It wouldn’t hurt to have some extra lenses around ‘just in case’.

I went through the ordering process; very similar to other online contact lens dealer.  You will have to supply your current prescription information, including your eye doctor and Hubble will verify the details of your prescription.  I place my order on July 27th, my order was shipped on July 30th, and I had my first 15 pairs of lenses in my hands on August 3rd.  I was impressed with the turnaround time as well as the adorable little compact box that my lenses shipped in.

Eye Health Benefits

I know for a fact that most contact lens wearers wear their lenses longer than they are supposed to.  And they sleep in them.  That is sooooo bad for your eyes!  I have been in trouble with my eye doctor a few times in the 20 years I’ve been wearing contacts for not letting my eyes breath.  After one year of wearing Hubble; daily disposable lenses, my eye health has drastically improved!

Less Mess

Having daily contact lenses; dailies, means no more meed for contact cases or contact solutions.  Not having to have contact lens solution on my vanity certainly saves space for other, more fabulous beauty products!  Sometimes there is a lot of waste involved in solution packaging and I love that I don’t need to remember to buy it anymore.  Smaller batches of lenses means you won’t be stuck with a bunch of unused boxes when your prescriptions renews.  Plus, the Hubble packaging is minimal & recyclable.



Low Price = Low Quality Lenses?

Let me start this by saying; I’ve never worn daily lenses before so I can’t necessarily compare the ‘daily’ aspect of the Hubble lenses to any other brand.  I was concerned that the super low price of these lenses was an indicator that the quality would be low compared to what I was used to wearing; Acuvue Oasys.  I have been using Hubble for over a year and I don’t have any intentions of looking elsewhere.

Inside Out

With the Acuvue Oasys lenses, I was used to looking for the “AV” letters on the lenses so that I could see if they were flipped inside out or not before I put them in.  The Hubble lenses do not have this feature.  I find it challenging to tell if the Hubble lenses are inside out.  If you are a regular soft contact lens wearer, you know what I am talking about.  You can put your lens on your finger, hold your finger up and tell if the lens is convex or concave.  There have been a few times I have put them in wrong and had to take them out to correct it.


It’s so easy!  The screenshot below is straight from the Hubble website and it’s 100% true!  I went through a period where I was wearing my glasses more than contacts and I was able to modify my Hubble subscription so I didn’t have a huge, unnecessary back stock of lenses.


The little things that sometimes bother me about  Hubble lenses are minimal and I will continue to be a  Hubble customer!  This review is NOT an affiliate review; I have not affiliation and will not benefit from you joining  Hubble .  I wrote this review because I believe in Hubble and believe that they may be a good fit for you!

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