Improve Your Home Security

Your home is your castle. You should feel safe in your home. So how exactly can you do that? There are many options you can try to protect your property and your loved ones. For a few tips to start on the right track, consider these ideas.

A Home Security Camera

There are generally two different types of home security cameras, indoor and outdoor, then you’ll find subcategories including wireless cameras, wired cameras, doorbell cameras, or floodlight cameras. Let’s consider some options in a little more detail:

  • Wireless Indoor Security Cameras: These cameras connect to the wi-fi network, and save footage within the cloud. Sometimes these are referred to as IP cameras. One of the most significant advantages of these cameras is the image quality.
  • Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras: These work in the same way as indoor cameras, the main difference being that they are weather resistant.

Some people prefer outdoor cameras, as these can be used to scare away intruders. Having said this, visible outdoor cameras may be tampered with. No matter which type of security camera you have, these can serve as a valuable form of evidence, (should the worst happen).

Upgrade Your Locks

The next step to improving your home security is to improve the locks on your front door. Mortice locks are generally considered one of the most secure types of lock. Mortice locks use a large mechanism that slots inside the interior part of the door. Inside the mechanism, there is a gap for the bolt and there is also a set of parallel levers and a bolt stop. 

Mortice locks usually have five levers, but you can also try seven-lever locks for even better security. It’s important to invest in an adequate lock system for protection and to ensure that you can easily access your home. Should you require the services of a locksmith, check out VicLocks.

Install an Alarm

Next up on the home security checklist, an alarm system is another excellent way to improve the security of your property. There are a few different types of home alarm system, including:

  • Wired alarm: These are your most basic level alarms, they work using an electrical circuit, flowing between two different points. The current continues flowing when the windows and doors are closed. The alarm is triggered when a window or door is opened.
  • Wireless alarm: These alarms work wirelessly using a set of sensors, radiofrequency, and a control panel. These systems are more advanced, easier to set up, and can be used along with smart devices in the home.
  • Monitored systems: With a monitored alarm system, you don’t just get an alarm, but you also get a security professional on the other end. These alarms will send you an alert in an emergency, and they’ll also notify the monitoring centre and call the emergency services.

Last up, consider installing a smart lighting system that you can control remotely. With a smart lighting system you can set your lights to turn on and off using a timer. Systems like these are helpful if you’re away on holiday (to make it look like someone is home). When you upgrade your home with all these improvements, you’ll rest easy knowing that your property is safe!

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