Jazz Up Your Casual Wardrobe

Every single person who is going through a fashion crisis can relate to the choice between dressing up, dressing smart or dressing casually. Or worse, choosing how to make casual clothing look dressy and dressy clothing look less smart. It’s a whole thing. There’s going to be a moment in life where you need a wardrobe overhaul and this is that moment. Jazzing up your wardrobe is a must when you need a change, and instead of just wearing workwear, we’ve got some ideas of how to make your casual wardrobe a little jazzier. 

From choosing plus size graphic tees to choosing gypsy skirts in all colors of the rainbow, you need to make a change! The fun part about all of that? SHOPPING! You get to go and splash a little cash to make life easier for you. So, with this in mind, here are some of the tips you need!

  1. Always use a blazer. If you want to dress up a plus size graphic tee, you will find a blazer goes a long way. It doesn’t have to be a black one, either. It can be any color that suits you and you can go from business-like to casual in one swift move. You can dress up an outfit in an instant with a colorful blazer and you can watch your personality shine through. 
  2. Add pops of color. A capsule wardrobe is a wonderful thing to have, but you need to add something bright from time to time. You can have neutrals and pastels in your wardrobe but a pop of color from time to time is going to make a big difference to how you’re perceived. It doesn’t have to be big: a colorful belt to match some shoes would do the job!
  3. Upgrade to prints. Are you a person who sticks to plain things? Sticking to what you know is important as it makes you feel safe, but the occasional print skirt or top is going to really make a difference to your wardrobe.
  4. Accessorize. Every single girl needs her accessories! Bangles can make a plain t-shirt look jazzy, and a large buckle belt can give a business suit a chic look! You can give your outfits an instant boost and that will really help you to stand out and feel confident. Accessories really do make a difference.
  5. The right shoes. Vans can go with suits as much as heels can make skinny jeans look smart! You want to do all that you can to stand tall but comfortably, so don’t use any shoes that you can’t walk in; there’s nothing comfortable about that!
  6. Stand confidently. No matter what you wear, you deserve to feel confident about it. You should think about what your daily wardrobe consists of and then make sure you work it, girl! The right outfit should ensure that you feel like you are the tallest person no matter where you are in life. Your wardrobe deserves to sparkle, and so do you.

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