June 2019 BoxyCharm BoxyLuxe Reveal!

So I’ve been M.I.A. for a few months (I’ll go over details later…..) but the June 2019  BoxyCharm BoxyLuxe was so surprisingly good, I had to share!

I have been a Boxy Gal for about a year now and my collection of beauty products has grown.  Majorly.  I currently only wear makeup about once a week so I started to consider cancelling my subscription since I have so many beauty products I have not even used yet.


June 2019 BoxyCharm BoxyLuxe Reveal



Tartiest Pro Glow Cheek Palette V3 – $45.00
I am a huge Tarte fan and I have been eyeballing this palette for a minute.  I am thrilled that I received it and can’t wait to try!


No Poreblem Prime Essence – $23.00
Even though I don’t wear makeup often, I do know enough to know the value of a great primer so I’m looking forward to using this in the near future.


Lemonade Lipgloss – $17.00
Every single time I get a package with a lip color or lip gloss, it’s always ALWAYS brown.  I was so excited to see a non-brown color I immediately applied this gloss and instantly fell in love.  The color is subtle but the shine is strong and the texture is delightful!


Mini Turbo On-The-Go Dryer – $ 85.00
I received the PYT Mini Hair Straightener back in the December BoxyLuxe so I was excited to add another travel appliance to my collection.  I did a quick test to see if the air-flow would be comparable to my full sized dryer and this Mini certainly matches!  I’ll be taking them both to Vegas at the end of this month!


Clean Biotic Ph-Balanced Yogurt Cleanser with Chlorophyll – $35.00
The smell and feel of this cleanser gave me the feeling I was at a luxury spa for a botanical facial.  I am very particular about my cleansers because sometimes they just don’t leave my skin feeling ‘clean’.  Not this case with this hydrating, multi-tasking cleanser!  I’ve been using this for a few days and I love it!


Honeymoon Glow AHA Resurfacing Nigh Serum 30 ML – $58.00
I already use a nighttime AHA as a part of my regular routine so last night I swapped out my usual for this three-in-one night serum.  It’s stronger than my usual so I noticed a tingle but the morning after results have ensured I will be using this serum for an occasional boost with my regular routine.


Full Dry Volume Blast – $29.00
I am pretty sure I’m one of the vary last girls to not be using Living Proof.  I see it everywhere but have never tried it.  With it being summertime, my hair is generally piled on top of my head but I am sure to try this out for my next date night look!


Good Vibes Mascara – $25.00
Like many ladies out there, I am always looking for a better mascara.  I have not heard of this particular one but the packaging has me super curious – It’s a lash curler and a lash-enhancing mascara all in one!


Truffle Therapy Radiant Dew Mist – $35.00
I am on a major facial spray kick right now and I love this.  Even though it boasts it’s abilities for setting makeup, I have been using it on my bare face and find it to be soothing and it gives me a refreshed glow thought out my day!

What did you get in your BoxyCharm BoxyLuxe?

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