Maximize Natural Light In Your Home

I’m all about natural light. A light and airy home is one that feels spacious and fresh. The light that enters the home may be hindered by obstacles or a lack of intuitive interior design. If you feel your light could receive more natural light but don’t know the best ways to maximize the light, then here are some top tips. 

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

Remove Trees in the Garden

You might be surprised how much more light your rooms receive by taking down a tree outside. Large trees in particular can hinder the natural light. This can make the inside of your home feel dark and dimly lit, even on bright days. To remove a large tree, you may need help from a professional tree company as they will have the right experience and tools to remove the tree safely. They can also cut down the tree so that it can grow back should you want it to.

Takedown Window Coverings

Window coverings are one of the biggest light hinderers. Although they may add privacy or help you sleep in longer, they can significantly reduce the light that enters your home. If you want to keep some kind of privacy then you can add lighter-colored curtains. This will allow light to bounce around and not be absorbed by darker or heavier materials. A light and airy home will instantly increase your house’s curb appeal, should you wish to sell it in the future. 

Add More Mirrors

Mirrors are an easy and effective way to bounce light around the home. For rooms that feel small, add a mirror or in front of or next to the windows to increase the light. This works particularly well in bathrooms. Bathrooms often have textured windows, for privacy reasons, the light that passes through the window will seem reduced. Adding mirrors will enhance the light that does pass through. 

Lighten Your Color Palette 

Look around your home and take in the colors that surround you. If they are dark and dim colors, this could be the reason your home feels dark. Spruce up your color palette with lighter, brighter, and neutral colors. Whites and light creams help light bounce off the walls and open up space. The color palette doesn’t stop at the paintwork. Adding lighter fabrics through cushions, beddings, towels, and rugs will also have the same effect and maximize the airiness of your home.

Install Skylights

If you have some money to spend and really want to maximize the light in your home, you can install skylights. Instead of your ceiling being closed off from the outside light, you can add skylights so that light can enter through the roof as well as through the windows. Installing skylights is a more timely and costly task than the other suggestions, but they will guarantee to maximize the light as well as the value of your home.

Maximizing the light that enters your home could be as simple as taking down a tree or the curtains. Or, if you want to add value and curb appeal to your property, refreshing the color palette. And adding extra windows will guarantee a lighter and brighter home.

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