National Have Fun at Work Day :: January 31, 2020

I saw this online so it HAS to be true. Tomorrow; January 31, 2020 is National Have Fun at Work Day! Don’t believe me? Click the link and make sure you forward it to your boss cause your boss will appreciate all the benefits that celebrating this forth-Friday-of-January holiday will bring to the team.

Fourth Friday of January – National Have Fun at Work Day

While the workplace should be a productive place and typically the word “fun” strikes fear into the hearts of managers & bosses alike, having fun at work can actually boost creativity and production.

My favorite Have Fun at Work Ideas

  • Potluck – Who doesn’t love to eat?!
  • Happy Hour – Get the gang out of the office for a casual good time
  • Share Silly 9 to 5 Memes – Humor can help boos creativity!
  • Contests – Friendly competition? I’m in!

Thank goodness for Top Agency and for National Today cause they keep me hip to all of the most awesome holidays.

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