National Pizza Party Day :: May 15, 2020

I saw this online so it HAS to be true. Tomorrow; May 15, 2020 is National Pizza Party Day! Don’t believe me? Click the link and make sure you forward it to everyone you know because it’s happening. With extra cheese & pepperoni!

May 15th – National Pizza Party Day

Make sure you check the deals & coupons at your favorite pizza spot because I’ll bet they will be offering some great promotions for this delicious holiday. Check ahead of time to see if they’re offering carryout or delivery options since many states are still practicing social distancing. Leave me a comment and tell me how you’ll be celebrating National Pizza Party Day!

Celebrating National Pizza Day

This might be one of the easiest holidays to celebrate; eat the pizza!! If you’re looking to get creative though, maybe jump on Pinterest and look for some fresh new pie ideas. Or maybe twists on classic recipes? If you are already following me, you might already know that I have an entire board dedicated to all things Pizza; pies, bakes, snacks, bites. Go check it out! You can see my Pizza board can be found HERE. If you’d like to be added to my board as a contributor, let me know. You know what they say; the more, the merrier!

So. I want to hear from you. What are your top pizza party tips & ideas?

Thank goodness for Top Agency and for National Today cause they keep me hip to all of the most awesome holidays.

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