Review: BlueberryIris – Maizie Shower Cap

I stumbled across BlueberryIris on Instagram and just had to try their Maizie Shower Cap. I don’t like to wash my hair everyday and for years I’ve searched and searched for a shower cap that would accommodate my long hair. I was intrigued by the Maizie Shower
Cap because it looked like I wouldn’t need to fuss with putting my hair in a bun and all of the tucking, adjusting, and frustration.

The cap comes in a nice storage pouch with an instruction card with pictures and descriptions for putting it on. The material of the cap is high quality; not the usual loud-crinkly-plastic material of others I have tried. Think more like a soft waterproofed fabric.

Disclosure: BlueberryIris gifted me the Maizie Shower Cap in return for an honest review. When brands reach out to me for product reviews, I only agree to review products that I actually care to try. I also make it very clear to each brand that I will only give honest feedback. The Maizie Shower Cap was so spectacular that I decided to spotlight it on my blog!

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