Save Money on Your Bathroom Remodel

Although bathroom renovations add value to your home, they can be a costly affair. If you’re looking into doing a bathroom remodel, there are a few ways you can spend a little less. It’s important to know which areas to spend more, and where to save. Consider it an investment, your beautiful new bathroom will make your home more attractive and functional. Any money you can save on the way is an advantage as well. Here are six tips to cut costs on your bathroom renovation.

Avoid Resizing or Altering the Layout

Extending or rearranging the bathroom is very expensive. You’ll need to change the positioning of the plumbing, and potentially knock down walls. In order to save money, stick to the original arrangement. If you want to reduce costs, only resize your bathroom if it’s absolutely necessary to accommodate your needs. 

DIY Installation

If you’re up to the challenge, many homeowners DIY things like toilet installations when they’re doing bathroom models. Certain parts of the renovation will be difficult to do without professional help, but the toilet for example is quite an easy one. If you’re looking for cheaper ways to improve your home, then see what you can DIY. You could ask family members or friends with more experience to help out.

Tweak the Wiring

Rather than rewiring the electrics, hire an electrician to bring your wiring up to code. It might just need a little tweaking. Replace non-grounded outlets with GFCI and see if other small changes will be sufficient. It’s recommended to go with a private electrician or plumber who’s not associated with the contractor. Check your plumbing is up to date as well with companies such as Sydney Emergency Plumbing.

Save on Flooring

Flooring is definitely an area where you can save. There are several inexpensive options for bathroom floors such as vinyl and linoleum, which are eco-friendly and durable. These types of flooring are also easy to clean and come in a range of different designs. You can opt for a cheaper material for your bathroom flooring without compromising on style. 

Statement Wall

Rather than tiling the entire room, you could choose a select wall. This will make a stylish focal feature and you can splash out a little more on some bespoke tiling design if you’re only covering a small area. You could also look into wood-effect tiles or flooring for an inexpensive statement piece. Accessorize your bathroom to spruce it up without spending money on too many materials. 

Low-profile Shower

It depends on how you imagine the bathroom of your dreams. A luxurious wetroom style shower will cost a lot, even though it makes a stunning feature. Instead, opt for a low-profile shower enclosure as these are cheaper but still look stylish. You could choose a pre-formed one-piece show stall with a framed shower enclosure for example. 

There are several tips and tricks for saving money on your new bathroom. Make sure you prioritize the areas that are most important to you, or in need of an upgrade.

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