Say Goodbye To Dull, Drab Home Decor

When you first decorate a room, it looks great. All the colors are fantastic, and it seems bright and airy. Perhaps it’s just psychological, but there’s something special about fresh decor. It’s time to say goodbye to dull, drab home decor.  

Over time, though, rooms tend to lose their charm and appeal. Day to day, you’re not aware of subtle changes. But over longer stretches, you soon become aware that something isn’t quite right. 

Often, you’re not even consciously aware that interiors are looking a little worse for wear. You’re just not as excited about your rooms as you were before. And you continuously want to change them. 

Fortunately, there are countless techniques you can use to say goodbye to dull, drab rooms and hello to something altogether fresher and more beautiful. Here are some tips you might want to try: 

Swap Out Your Drapes For Blinds

Drapes are elegant and fashionable right now, but they’re also notoriously cumbersome. They also have a nasty habit of reducing light levels in your rooms, even when you draw them. 

Blinds, though, are a different animal. First, they don’t impede the window when drawn, allowing more of the sun’s rays to enter your room. But additionally, they almost always add a warm glow to your rooms, even when closed. Plus, they help make everything appear neat and tidy. Is it worth a shot in your interiors? Probably. 

Clean Your Carpets

Even if you vacuum your carpets daily, dust and grime can still penetrate them, and they can wind up looking a little worse for wear. Dust particles penetrate deep into the fibers and eventually take up residence, no matter how much you do the floors. 

Worse still, dirt can create friction between fibers that damages them over time. Carpets eventually appeal “flat” – nothing like as plush as they used to be. 

In situations like this, professional carpet cleaning can help. The pros have access to steam tools that helps to lift out dirt that vacuuming alone doesn’t lift. The result is usually a carpet that looks like it did when it was new, thus saving you a massive amount of money. 

Strip The Walls And Start Again

Rooms can sometimes appear dull and lifeless if they haven’t had a new paint job in a while. Most wall paints tend to fade over time, either because sunlight bleaches them or they get dirty. Fortunately, applying a fresh lick of paint is incredibly cheap and something that you can do in a matter of hours. 

First, put down your decorator’s sheets to prevent drips from falling onto the floor. Then tape all the edges of the areas you intend to paint, preventing stray flecks wrecking the aesthetic. Finally, grab your roller and apply layers until you get the results you want. 

Add A Statement Piece

Perhaps the problem with your home decor is that it lacks a statement piece – something that draws the eye the moment you walk in. 

If your rooms are small, you can try placing vases with flowers atop thin pedestal tables. If you have more space, you can add a sizable freestanding ornament to the middle of the room, or arrange the furniture around a central coffee table. 

Add A Fireplace

If you visit any stately home, you’ll immediately notice something: practically every room has a fireplace. In the past, there were good reasons for this: primarily the fact that it helped to keep people warm before central heating. Since then, though, designers have noted that it serves another purpose – to act as a point of reference for the room. 

Many modern homes, however, have rooms that don’t include fireplaces. If there is one, it’s in the living room – and it’s electric. No ideal for interior design purposes. Thus, if you have the budget, you might want to add a fireplace to the room to give it a little extra class and excitement. Once installed, you can arrange the rest of your furniture around it. 

Install Mirrors

If the problem in your rooms is a lack of natural light, then mirrors can help your home decor tremendously. Where possible, place mirrors on walls opposite your windows. As light travels in, they will scatter it in all directions, helping to brighten the space. 

Opt for mirrors that run from floor to ceiling as these will have the most profound effect. 

So here’s the good news: you don’t have to live with dull interiors. Simple actions, like those described above, can have a substantial impact and fundamentally change the way that you feel about your home. 

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