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Is it time to sell your property? Selling your home comes with two major pitfalls. Firstly, you want to get it off your hands as quickly as possible. Secondly, you don’t want to compromise on the price. It’s listed for an amount, and you have to accept bids that are as close to the number as you can get. After all, this is your nest egg and retirement we’re talking about here!

Accepting a bid will impact how quickly you can sell. So, if you receive the right amount early, then you’ll be in a position to move properties and start your new life. But, how do you encourage buyers to table high bids?

High Value

You can begin by lowering the value of your property. It’s interesting how many homeowners believe their listing is competitively priced, only to find out it’s way too expensive. As a result, every other house on the block is selling like hotcakes, yet yours is stagnating. Sometimes, it’s worth considering lowering the value by a couple of grand because your property doesn’t have the features that buyers desire. Alternatively, a realtor might lure you into placing a high price on your home in the hopes they’ll get a fat chunk of change from the sale. If the house hasn’t sold after six weeks, it’s time to consider a special price to stand out from the crowd.

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Hidden Flaws

Maybe you know about certain flaws and are trying to hide them, or perhaps they are surprising to you, too. Either way, an inspection will uncover everything and take the process back to square one. Think of it this way – would you pay the full price if you know a property needs thousands of dollars of work? Everybody knows the answer! Hiring a home inspector works in your favor if you’re proactive, though. Using their eagle eyes to spot problems to reduce your home’s value gives you the option to repair them before tipping off the buyer.

Nightmare Neighbors

You’ve lived beside them for years and can’t wait to move and find new neighbors. Still, pretending as if they don’t exist throughout the process isn’t a smart move. Experience tells you they could pop-up at any moment and scupper a sale. Therefore, it’s best to sit down with your neighbors and ask for a favor. Tell them that if they can stop playing loud music or dirtying their garden, you’ll be out of their pronto. Alternatively, you can offer to clear the garbage if you think it takes away from your home’s curb appeal.

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Sorry if this comes as a shock, but it’s true – you might be the problem! It’s not hard to see why. You want to sell as quickly as possible and are desperate to find a buyer. However, this desperation is palpable when you show interested parties around the property. And, if they are uncomfortable, they won’t make a bid, never mind one that’s close to the asking price.

It’s worth considering leaving the viewings to your realtor or hiring a professional.

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