Soothe Chapped Winter Lips :: Two Ingredients

I posted about this last and I still stand by it!  Whenever winter is EXTRA on my lips, this combination fixes me up every time!  The cold this year has left me so chapped that I’m occasionally bleeding!  Ick, I know….

About a year and a half ago, out of desperation I started experimenting with just about anything and everything I had on my vanity and one of those experiments proved to be the absolute best lip hydration combo I have ever found.

My lips went from dry, chapped and bleeding to being so hydrated and so supple that someone actually asked me if I had had my ‘lips done’!

Keep your kisser super hydrated all year long with these two products:

Tarte Maracuja Oil   AND   Vaseline Lip Therapy

Now that you have the ingredients, here are the instructions:

Step 1:  Apply a few small drops of the Tarte Maracuja Oil to lips, dab with finger to distribute

Step 2:  Apply Vaseline Lip Therapy to lips with a lip gloss brush or finger to seal the oil

I have been using this combination for about a year now and I can say my lips have never been in such good shape.

Additional Tips:

  • I purchased two of the smaller sized Tarte Maracuja Oil and two Vaseline Lip Therapy so that I could have one for home and one for my purse.
  • The glossyness of treatment lasts me a few hours; depending on how much I am drinking/eating/talking/ect.  Such activities may cause the desire to reapply the treatment.  However, even if I don’t reapply, my list still feel healthy and hydrated they just don’t look glossy.
  • When I want to wear lip color, I exfoliate my lips then apply lip liner all over my lips before applying the oil and Vaseline

What is your GO-TO for hydrating winter lips?

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