Spruce up Home Décor with DIY Projects

Getting involved with creative projects is a great way to unleash your inner creativity and have some fun. Adding arts and crafts around your home that you have made yourself is a great way to add personality and uniqueness to your home. Whether it is a solo project or a group project to create some DIY crafts to add to your home, here are some fun ideas that you could make.

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

DIY Frames

Most people have photos displayed around their homes. If you do or are thinking of adding some, why not display them in your frames?

It is quick and easy to DIY your photo frames. All you need is a base and then you can add your designs. You could stick down some dried flowers or fun objects with hot melt glue guns from Glue Guns Direct. Or, you could paint them to align with your interior taste. 

If you have more time or want to make the entire thing yourself, you could source your frame material and create your own from scratch. Of course, a frame does not have to be made out of wood. You can make them out of whatever materials you like, fabric, metal, or paper. 

Decorate Your Plant Pots

If you are into adding plants to your home, then you most likely have store-bought vases or plant pots around the home. If so, why not decorate them and make them quirky?

Painted plant pots and a great idea to match your interior. You can paint over paint, so you can change the color of them if you ever get bored. 

To decorate a vase, you can add your acrylic or glass paint designs. You can also DIY them by sticking a handmade label. If you often purchase the same flowers or have a house plant, then you can label the vase with the plant’s name and add a twist to a standard plant. 

Panel the Walls

Wall paneling is a huge trend right now. The framed look on the walls adds textures and depth, which is often what rooms lack. 

Paneling your walls do not require an expert. You simply need some measuring tools and wood. When the wooden panels adhere to the wall, you can paint over them and make them fit in seamlessly with the room. 

Use Drawers for Plants

There is no harm in upcycling an old and neglected chest of drawers and adding some plants. If you have a large or small chest of drawers that you don’t use, you can take it out in the garden, decorate it and add some plants to the drawers. 

For plants that require soil and water and are not in a pot, you can add soil, feed, and water to the drawer. The base should be pierced with holes to ensure water can filtrate. 

If you have a small outside garden space, then using drawers for your plants will free up space and make maintenance easier. 

Paint the Stairs

For those who either love colorful or natural aesthetics, painting the stairs is a great way to add style and interest to your interior design. You might be bored of the carpet. Thus, you can take it up, sand down the stairs, and leave them bare before painting them. 

You could paint each step in different shades, just paint the front of the step, or paint them all one color. Whatever style suits your interior design taste, painting your stairs will be a fun way to jazz up your home and get creative. 

Upgrade Your Curtains

The curtains are an easy feature in the home that you can DIY. If you have needle skills, you can stitch in your design and patterns to jazz them up and make them look like new. 

If you are artsy and great with materials, then you could make your curtains. You will need to source materials and measure your windows. From there, you can stitch together the materials before hanging them up and enjoying a masterpiece that you have created yourself.

Repaint Your Exterior Features

The home consists of more than just the inside. What’s on the outside counts too. You could repaint your exterior features and make them look new and fresh. 

Simply painting the front door or fence could make your exterior look brand new and cared for. Whether you like bright colors or neutral shades, you can integrate your favorites to the outside of your home to increase its character and personality. 

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