Stay Warm in Winter

Winter is here, and the cost of energy is through the roof; that’s why people are thinking creatively about how to stay warm this year and save some money. Read on for some simple tips and tricks pinched from campers, hikers, and the troops during the First World War.  

Hot Water Bottles 

With energy prices rising and the temperature dropping, it presents the problem of how to stay warm in winter without overpaying for your energy costs. Hot water bottles might not be perfect, but they are a simple, affordable, and accessible option for when you are cold in your home. 

The human body works in much the same way as a radiator. A radiator contains water that moves through a heating element and becomes hot in the system. If you place a hot water bottle on the soles of your feet, the body’s blood flow moves the hot blood through the body. 

Thermal Socks 

A lot of the body’s heat is lost through the head and the soles of the feet, so protecting these areas is one of the best ways to stay warm in your home this winter. Again, thermal socks are convenient and accessible, so make sure to buy a pair of Heat Holders thermal socks this year.  

Thermal socks are specially designed to retain heat and absorb moisture without making the feet wet; this makes your feet both warm and comfortable in the home. The best thermal socks are made from polyester, acrylic, or wool, so make sure you are buying some quality pairs.    

Plant Pot Heater 

Again, the rising energy costs are forcing people to think creatively about how to heat their homes for less in winter, and one excellent idea is the plant pot heater. The plant pot heater was developed during the first world war to keep soldiers warm in the cold trench, and they work. 

Plant pot heaters are surprisingly effective; they involve placing a tealight candle inside a terracotta plant pot that is upturned. The terracotta plant pot absorbs a lot of the heat and radiates it into the room; some of these small heaters can warm up an entire living room.  

Lots of Layers 

When all else fails, layer up; this is another effective solution for stayingwarm in the winter without touching the thermostat dial. The theory is that instead of warming up the room, you localize the heat on your body and save money on electricity and gas when costs are high. 

There are some effective ways to layer that you might not have considered. For instance, if you wear a tight-fitting base layer first, it will insulate you better and make your top layers more effective. Build up your layers from the body creating insulation gaps with each clothing item.       

Warm Drinks 

Warm drinks can also keep you warm in the winter season. Whether it is tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or something else, consuming a warm drink heats up your body. At first, you feel the warmth of the drink on your throat; when it gets to your stomach, your body temperature rises. 

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