That Strange Sound In Your Home

Something went bump in the night! Don’t worry – the strange sound in your home probably isn’t a ghost. In fact, there are many logical explanations behind the strange sounds that many of us hear in our homes. Here are just a few common unusual sounds and what they could mean.


Scratching in the walls is often a sign of mice or other pests. They may have found their way into a wall cavity. You’re most likely to hear mice at night. The scratching is the sound of them tunneling their way through your walls, possibly collecting materials to make a nest. A pest removal service could be worth contacting in order to confirm that mice are to blame. They can eradicate the problem. This is one strange sound you should address and immediately.


Strange banging noises can be alarming. It’s possible that it could be coming from the pipes. ‘Water hammer’ is a phenomenon that occurs when water slams against faucets, usually after turning off a tap. Most pipes have air chambers that stop water from making this noise, but these chambers can become full of water. Water hammer is something that could be easily stopped. Turn off your home’s water supply and let all the taps run until the pipes are empty. This will allow air to return to the chambers, preventing water hammer.


If you’re hearing whistling sounds, it could be the wind getting in through a crack or crevice. By finding this point of entry and sealing it up, you may be able to stop the sound. Alternatively, it could be caused by your air conditioning unit. This could be a sign that the filter is slightly blocked and in need of cleaning out. An air conditioning repair technician will be able to solve this.


Hissing sounds can happen for a variety of reasons. Almost all of the reasons can be serious and are worth rectifying immediately. It’s commonly the result of a leak. This could be a gas leak from a pipe or a faulty hob, or a refrigerant leak. Try to follow the source of the leak and call an emergency plumber if you suspect gas could be to blame.


Buzzing sounds are caused either by insects or by something electrical. Faulty sockets and light fixtures can sometimes cause a buzzing sound. This could be the result of a loose wire – an electrician may be able to repair this for you and stop the buzzing sound.


Changes in temperature can cause materials around the home to expand and contract. This can result in a loud popping sound. Windows, floorboards and monitors can all make this sound. It’s usually not anything serious, but if you notice a popping sound coming from somewhere accompanied by cracks, it could be something to worry about (a poorly installed window may crack during changes in temperature). 

Strange Sound

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