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Today is the 11th and it is now 11:11.  I’m so extremely excited for the July 4, 2019 release of Stranger Things Season 3 and with all the fan theories swirling around the internet, I’m joining in on the speculations!

Season 3 Predictions Stranger Things The B Curse (1)

The B Curse Theory

We lost Benny Hammond & Barb Holland in Season 1 and with the death of Bob Newby in Season 2, the B theory really started to swirl.  Also, Mews – some suspect his full name was “Bartholomews”.  It’s not clear if Brenner should be added to the list of the deceased Bs yet though.  Even the death of Shepard in Season 1, episode 4 could be added to the list.  Shepard is credited as Test Pilot Shepard and some speculate this to be a possible allusion to Alan Shepard, who was also a test pilot and the first American in space, as well as the commander of Apollo 14—the third manned mission to land on the moon and his full name was Alan Bartlett Shepard Jr.

Bob Newby

But is there really a ‘B curse’?  If you think about it, isn’t Bob typically a shortened version of Robert?  That throws Bob Newby out of the B short list.

Billy Hargrove

Season 2 introduced Billy Hargrove and there is tons of speculation that Billy will be killed off in Season 3.  I think he will be spared – Billy is commonly short for William making Billy exempt from the B list.

Stranger Things Billy Name Change Meme

No Name Death to Add to the B List

While I wait for the July 4th release of Season 3, I might just review the clips of some of the ‘no names’ listed here to see if there are visible badges or clues on what their names are; beyond the descriptive no-name credits they were given.

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