Fashion Pieces Every Woman Should Own

Fashion comes and goes. Yes, we see comebacks of certain items and trends. However, generally, high fashion styles change every season. However, there are certain items that just never go out of fashion.

What you wear every day is generally dependent on your lifestyle. If you work an outdoor job, and your weekends are spent hiking in the hills your choice of accessories and clothes are going to reflect that. Your style will differ from someone who works in a formal office in the city and spends their weekends eating out in fine restaurants.

5 Essential Wardrobe Items Every Woman Should Own

Most women, however, will have a core wardrobe that is versatile and addresses most of their needs. Here, I’m are going to look at the fashion pieces that every woman should own.

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A Simple Black Dress

For any formal or even semi-formal occasion, a simple black dress will pretty much always do the job. The ‘little black dress’ is an absolute classic. Whether you’re going to the bar for a few drinks, to the theater to watch the latest Broadway show or to a friend’s house for cocktails and canapes, a black dress paired with some simple pumps and jewelry will cut the mustard.

A Bit of Bling

Everyone needs a bit of bling in their life. Whether it’s your engagement ring or a diamond choker that comes out for special occasions. A tennis bracelet that you wear for work can be a nice touch. It is important to go for as high quality as you possibly can – check out these Blue Nile Reviews to find out more. 

 A Pair of Mid-heel Ankle Boots

If you are going to own one pair of shoes, make sure it is a pair of these. They go with pretty much everything and they are practical. Pair them with skinny jeans, boot cut trousers, or funk up a pretty floral tea dress – they really are the most versatile of footwear.

A Crisp White Shirt

Cliche, but essential. There is almost no occasion where a crisp white shirt will not do. Nearly every woman – and man – on the planet can find one that flatters their shape and style. Pair it with dark jeans and the above-mentioned ankle boots for shopping and coffee dates or with a well-cut black suit for work. Open up a few buttons to show off a bit of cleavage or button it up – it is up to you!

A Lightweight Trench Coat

Perfect for every season. In the winter, layered up with knits and a chunky scarf, a trench coat can be used for short excursions or hopping from cab to club, throwing over jeans in the spring and autumn and to keep with you for those unexpected summer storms. Stick to neutrals – black, navy, or tan. It is the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

If you have these fashion pieces in your wardrobe, you are prepared for just about every sartorial eventuality. What would be your additions to this list and what are your favorite pieces?

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  1. KndnMord Reply

    Great listing! I have many of these items already but I do need to figure out exactly how to keep my white dress shirts “crisp”. They come out of the wash soft and I love that but I want them to have the polished collar.

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