The Place Where We First Met :: Commemorating a Love Story

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I was in PJs and still half asleep when my boyfriend-at-the-time insisted I get into the car so we could “go get [my] Christmas present”. It was Christmas morning and I swear; we were the only car on the road in the city of Columbus, Ohio. He pulled into the parking lot of the pharmacy I frequented, turned the car off and got out of the car. I followed in a state of confusion.

We walked down the city street as I scanned my surroundings trying to figure out what my present was. Was my Mom hiding somewhere (she lived in NY state and I hadn’t seen here in a few months….)? There was something covered with a bright blue tarp in the next parking lot….did he get me a motorcycle?

After walking down a block or so, he suddenly stops.

“This is the first place I saw you. I brought you here to ask you to be my wife.”

He had, in fact, brought me to the very first place we met. On a street corner on The Ohio State University campus in Columbus, Ohio.

The one I laugh with, the one I live for.


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