Beautiful Smile; A True Power

According to Debasish Mridha from Quotes, “a smile is a flower of a loving and caring heart.” Such is the way that a smile is portrayed in society. People consider it to be an element of beauty and positivity. Regardless of the reason for it, a smile design has the power to single out individuals as healthy and more attractive. When you do it, you let people know that you are welcoming.

Smile to look younger

This is enough reason to do it, right?! Researchers have proven that people who smile often look younger than they actually are. People who frown are, on the other hand, perceived older even if they are young. Here is why. Such a simple gesture gives the entire face a facelift. When corners of the mouth are slightly turned, your face is raised, and the effect of that is well known. Do you want to look younger? Smile often.

Smiling gives the brain more pleasure

According to Deseret News, researchers have proven that smiling has more pleasure effect on the brain than chocolate. Well, that is hard to believe, but it is a fact. A single smile induces pleasure that can be brought by eating 2000 bars of chocolate. While you cannot consume 2000 bars of chocolate daily, you can afford 2000 smiles. Is that not a healthy alternative? Choose wisely.

Smiling has the power to elevate your mood

Your mood is moderated by some cells in the brain. Chemicals like dopamine and endorphins are heavily stimulated and they will “throw a happy hour” in your brain. The result is an elevated and happy mood. Additionally, the same chemicals are pain relievers, and stimulating them with a smile can reduce some pain, slightly. So why would you frown all day if you can brighten your life with something so simple?

A smile makes you more attractive

This is common knowledge; people that smile more often are likable and look more courteous. And here is a bonus. Smiling during an interview adds competence. If you are anxious or look sad, the interviewer might think that you do not know, or you’re not confident with your answers. Therefore, ensure that you give yourself an added advantage by smiling during interviews and presentations.

Additionally, a powerful smile can also be shared. As they say, it’s contagious. It is unbelievable how you can give people around you a boost by just smiling at them. Not only does it pass happiness and a good vibe, but it also offers hope to some people. Spread the joy, share your joy!

Image via Pexels by Kat Jayne

Final Word

It is pretty awesome to feel the power of a smile, and that is why you are often urged to do it even at times of difficulties. You might not be smiling right now, so why not try to feel the effect. Smile and be a witness to this incredible act. Do you feel it? This is actually good for your health. Smile and make everyday life beautiful.  

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