The Prefect Gift for Her

If you’re looking for the perfect gifts for her, your wife, you’ve come to the right place. Sometimes finding a great present for your significant other can feel like a challenge but got a few tips that will help you give the perfect gifts for her. This simple concept could be applied to just about anyone in your life. You can use these tips for any occasion; birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or even for no occasion at all.

man surprising woman with a gift wrapped in red and white checkered paper with a bow

An Ideal Day

Would your ideal day involve sleeping in, going fishing alone, meeting your friends at your favorite pub then coming home to a clean house and your favorite home cooked meal?

Why not do that for her? Let her sleep in. Take responsibility for your kids and make sure she gets to go do something she wants to do. While she’s out and about, tidy up the house and order takeout so when she gets home she can have a nice relaxing evening with her family. Notice I didn’t tell you to clean the house or make dinner then clean the kitchen again. Although, if you did want to do those things I’m sure she would appreciate it considering she’s usually the one to do all the chores. It’s likely that she does shoulder most (if not all) the responsibility of household chores so giving her a break would be AMAZING. Even if you’re not giving gifts for her to unwrap, planning an ideal day for her is an amazing gift idea.

An Ideal Date

What woman doesn’t love a date night?

Odds are, your wife would love to have a date night that she doesn’t have to fuss over. If you’re always asking her where she wants to eat then you choose a different restaurant anyways, skip asking her. Just make the reservation and book the baby sitter. While she’s getting ready make sure the kids are occupied so she can get ready in peace. If you’re really wanting to give an awesome date night, maybe even tidy up the house while she gets ready. I guarantee she will appreciate you after the date is done even if there are no gifts for her to unwrap!

An Ideal Gift

You joke to your friends that your wife never stops blabbing. Well, maybe listen to her? I’ll bet you she’s told you exactly what some ideal gifts for her are.

Is she complaining that the ice machine isn’t working? Get the ice machine fixed. Is she nagging you to change the furnace filter? Change the furnace filter. Is she constantly talking about a purse she saw that she regrets not buying? Get her a gift card to that store. Is she rubbing her neck and mentioning her back hurts? Book her a message appointment. Does she hate her washing machine? Buy her a new one (just make sure it’s not a front loader – they are the absolute worst!) Do you ever help with household chores? Maybe you should start. Trust me, she will appreciate it.

Contrary to popular belief, we’re really not hard to please. Just use your brain & listen. You’ll be surprised at how your wife will reward you when you take a little bit of initiative.

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