There’s Nothing Beautiful About A Dark Bathroom

You know how it goes; you’re embarking on your beauty regime for the day, hoping to look your sparkling best, and then you step out of the bathroom. Your face of makeup might have looked acceptable in that half-lit over-sink mirror, but suddenly you catch your reflecting and see foundation smears or eyeliner application that will simply never see you through. 

It’s a reality many of us face with increasingly dark bathrooms are becoming something of a household norm. You could, of course, do your makeup elsewhere, but that would mean taking up space elsewhere in your home. Besides, there’s a much easier solution, and it comes in the form of the following methods for adding light into even the darkest suites. Get these right, and you’ll never need to worry about streaked makeup again!

Add Textured Lighting

Often, bathrooms include soft spotlights on a low ceiling. These are fantastic for ambiance, but they’re the worst possible lights by which to do your makeup. Not only is coverage patchy, but these overhead options will likely leave half of your face in shadow. That’s where textured lighting comes in. Many people find that incorporating lights underneath mirrors or above sinks can all work well to cover the gaps overhead spotlights often leave. As well as adding fantastic design elements, this focus could improve your visibility for better bathroom-based beauty applications at last. 

Consider Bathroom Windows

Bathroom windows often fall by the wayside. They’re misted anyway, right, so what do they matter? It isn’t like you can enjoy the view! In reality, though, extending or incorporating windows where necessary can work wonders for increasing natural light, and the brightness of the space. Most often, extending a bathroom window is a surprisingly simple job that takes no more than a day or two. Brand new window installation can be a little trickier, with such jobs typically taking longer and also requiring you to ask are building permits necessary before work can begin? Still, a week or less could see you with a window that feels like a beacon in your otherwise confined bathroom. 

Change Your Decor

Black, dark blue, and even gray are now standard bathroom colors, but they all have one downside in common – they each make the space look even darker! It’s astounding how much black bathroom tiles can prevent visibility in your bathroom mirror! By comparison, brighter colors or even a white finish will reflect the light you’ve worked so hard to create, thus ensuring you can see exactly what you’re doing in the bathroom mirror. Even better, this point couldn’t be simpler to implement, so there’s no excuse to suffer with a dark bathroom any longer!

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As well as improving visibility during makeup application, taking efforts to brighten your bathroom can make the space more appealing, and even transform it entirely. If you’re fed up of spending time in a dark and confined bathroom, then, tackle these tips sooner rather than later to turn things around at last!

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