ThredUP Goody Box Review

As you all should know by now, I have been a big fan of ThredUP for many years.  I discovered them when I was pregnant with my daughter and they were my main source of maternity clothes.  I still shop with them to this day and have always found really great deals and steals!  ThredUP recently started this amazing program where you can take a quiz online and their stylists will put together a Goody Box of items for you that they recommend according to your personal style quiz.  You pay a small fee (currently only $10!!) for the Goody Box and have about a week to ‘shop’.  Keep what you like and return what you aren’t interested in.  I though it sounded like fun so I gave it a try!  Here’s what I found:

threUp goody box review

First of all, I didn’t expect to get so many items!  ThredUP sent me 3 cardigans, 3 blouses, 2 purses, and 2 necklaces to ‘try on’.  Second, I was honestly surprised at how spot on they were on my personal style.  Out of the 10 items they sent me, I am only sending 4 items back!

Here’s what I received in my Thredup Goody box:

Anne Klein Cardigan




I am keeping this Anne Klein cardigan!  I love the feel and I realized once I put it on that I do not own a single navy sweater.  Perfect reasons to add this ThredUP Goody Box piece to my wardrobe!




Audrey 3+1 Cardigan




When I pulled this Audrey 3+1 cardigan out of my ThredUP Goody Box, I knew I was keeping it.  I love bouncy, cozy sweaters and I’m all about this blush color!




Bar III 3/4 Sleeve Blouse




This Bar III blouse is in perfect condition but I’m not keeping based on style preference.  I am not a fan of the puckered seams at the shoulders.  Also, I have a closet full of blouses that look very similar.




Maurices Off Shoulder Blouse




I really wanted to like this blouse.  When I pulled this out of my ThredUP Goody Box and saw the bows on the sleeves, I was really excited.  However, I know I won’t wear this because it’s off the shoulder.  I’ll be returning this piece.



Apt. 9 Blouse




The heavy brass toggles and buttons make me like this blouse, but again, I have a closet full of these same types of shirts.  I really don’t need another one so I’ll be returning.




Kenneth Cole Cardigan




This Kenneth Cole cardigan is really versatile.  I could easily wear this to the office over a nice blouse and slacks or throw it on over workout gear.  I am keeping this piece for that reason.  ThredUP nailed this one!  We need to hang onto pieces that are versatile!



Unbranded Cream Satchel




This purse is amazing!  I am confident in that fact because I already own it!  lol  I received this purse in a StitchFix box last October and I decided to keep it.  I’ll be returning this one though because I don’t need two!  ThredUP really pinpointed my style with this one though!



Anna Grace Satchel




I have looked for a black structured satchel for a while now and never really found anything that I LOVED.  This ThredUP pick is perfect.  I’ve never heard of Anna Grace before but I am certainly going to look her up.  This bag is the right size, shape, stiffness, and has the perfect organizational pockets that I like to have on the inside.  Keeping!!



Unbranded Statement Necklace




Since I only own like 5 million statement necklaces, I HAVE to keep this one!  I like the color combination and the weight.  Just the right amount of sparkle and color detail that can be worn at the office or for a night out.  Another perfect pick by ThredUP!




Unbranded Statement Necklace




Again, I have 5 million, but I don’t have one like this.  Well not exactly, I have a gray one that is the same exact structure but with beads rather than silver medallions.  I like this one too for the versatility.  It could be worn over a professional collard blouse to the office or with a LBD and strappy heels for our next date night!





I am definitely going to be ordering another ThredUP Goody Box in the future.  Like, maybe next week!

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