Three Fashion Necessities to Add to Your Wardrobe

Today I want to talk to you about my top three fashion necessities you may be over looking. The suspended animation under which many of us have been living for up to a year now has changed our habits in a major way. There must be very few of us who haven’t changed their eating patterns, their social habits or their work days at least once since last spring, and so any talk of a “return to normal” is liable to make a few of us shift uncomfortably in our seats. After a year in the abnormal, what even is normality anymore?

Before too long, we’ll all get to see what normal is, or at least what it has become. Particularly in the case of how we dress, this last year has been something of a revelation. If you’ve been working from home for much of that time, then you may have spent large swathes of a working day in pajama pants and comfy socks. Soon enough, we will all be getting ready to pick out fashionable outfits that the general public might see. This means some of us might need to add a few items to our wardrobe!

A Cozy Outer Coat

“Why on earth would I need to add a warm coat when we’re approaching the warmer part of the year?”. You have a good point. However, the path towards summer does not fly as straight as we tend to think, and cold (or colder) spells are liable to occur between now and full summer. Especially if you’re in the Midwest, like I am! Also, according to an article on, comfort and protection are likely to be a big part of the fashion response to a year of pandemic fear, so puffer jackets and warm cardigans are very much in. A fashionable, cozy outerwear is one of my favorite fashion necessities!

A New Workout Outfit

We’ve worked out in the garden. Done yoga in front of our laptops. Gone jogging in a socially-distanced fashion. We’ve done all we can to stay in shape in quarantine, but there’s no real substitute for the gym when it comes to getting a full workout, and gyms are now beginning to open up again. That makes it high time to check out the likes of for new gym gear; the old sweatpants that most of us have been wearing for home-based workouts aren’t going to cut it. Consider it an investment in making sure you are getting enough exercise.

One “Knock ’em Dead” Going-out Ensemble

A recent feature on makes the point that, when many of us have lived in sweats for the bulk of a year. It’s going to be tough to transition into more rigid clothing when everything opens up. Even when we’re all going out again, the shade that people used to throw on anyone wearing casual wear to the shops will probably be absent, as we’re all going to take time to find our feet. However, we’ll all want to experience once again the thrill of donning a special outfit for a special evening. Your wardrobe deserves an outfit that you can’t wait to wear; something unique, something impressive, something totally you!

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