Top Tips To Boost Your House’s Curb Appeal

Most homeowners will move houses an average of 3-5 times within their adult lives. Selling and buying a new property can be a gamble. You cross your fingers for a high offer on your property. Sellers who are willing to accept what you can afford. One of the best ways to fetch a high sale value for your house is to drum up a lot of interest in the property. Curb appeal is the attractiveness of your property from the outside. Many potential buyers might drive or walk past your house before arranging a viewing. The more attractive you can make your home, the more likely you are to get viewings that turn into strong offers. Here are some top tips that will help boost your property’s curb appeal. 

Your Entrance

If your front door is looking tired and worn this suggests the house inside may be in a similar state. Giving your door a fresh lick of paint will help it seem more inviting. Entrance-way awnings are another brilliant way to attract the eye and make your home seem more inviting for passersby.


If you have a front garden then you should take some time to spruce this up. If you are selling in the spring or summer use fresh plants to give your garden color. During the autumn or winter, small evergreen shrubs can help your borders from looking dead or bare. Try to keep your grass cut neatly and take time to pull out weeds, especially if they are growing through decking or paving stones. 

Fresh Paint

Most experts advise that a house should be painted every five to ten years. However, this may vary depending on where your house is situated and what materials it is constructed from. If the paint on your house is chipped or the color looks worn in patches then touching up the exterior of your house will make it more appealing to the eye. 

Clean Windows

If you live near a busy road (like me!) then your windows can become dirty over time. Clean windows will allow viewers to get a sense of the interior of the property and it will also allow daylight to flood into the rooms. If you have a lot of windows on multiple stories then it may be worth hiring a professional cleaning service who can regularly clean your windows at a low cost. However, do remember that you will need to clean the inside of the window as well. If the inside of the window is dirty then it will look bad from the outside too, no matter how clean the exterior is. 

Empty Trash Bins

Overflowing garbage bins are unpleasant for numerous reasons. They may give off a bad odor and attract wildlife. They are also a clear indicator that the house does not have enough waste disposal solutions and that the home may not be well designed with this in mind. Overflowing bins are a real turn-off for many potential buyers. If you can try to hide your bins discreetly and not have them out on display. 

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